Nintendo Switch games are sometimes exclusively available in some parts of the region. For instance, Japanese or European libraries may differ from what's available in the United States.

However, users in the U.S. could also enjoy these gaming titles that are only downloadable in the libraries elsewhere. It could be helpful if a game has yet to release globally and is only available in a specific country.

Nintendo Switch Games Exclusive in Japan or Europe: How to Play Them in North America
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People wait in line for a chance to sample new games for Nintendo Switch at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, opening in Los Angeles, California on June 11, 2019. - Gaming fans and developers gather, connecting thousands of the brightest, best and most innovative in the interactive entertainment industry and a chance for many to preview new games.

What's more, other users tend to jump from one region to another as some gaming titles are cheaper elsewhere. Most often, the Switch library in the South Africa region commonly carries a lower price tag. But compare for yourself, as it is not the case in every game.

As per LifeHacker, when it comes to the physical boxed copy of the game, users could choose to import the title from either a shop in Japan or Europe.

However, life becomes more complex when it comes to digitally downloading games exclusively available in Europe or Japan Switch library. But it is still possible by changing switch regions.

How to Play Japan or Europe Nintendo Switch Games in North America

So, to cut to the chase here's how to play games from other regions in North America.

Creating New Nintendo Account

According to VideoGamesChronicles, accessing eShops from other regions like Japan or South Africa will require a new account. Take note to use another email address that is not previously linked to your other Nintendo Account.

  • Open Nintendo Account website,
  • Create a new account.
  • Fill out the form
  • Make sure to put in the new email and select the country/region that you wish to try out.
  • Confirm your account by entering the verification code sent to your registered email.

Link Nintendo Account to Your Switch

Now that you have a Nintendo Account based in another region, it is time to set it up with your Switch.

  • Go to System Settings of your Switch.
  • Select the User menu.
  • Click on "Add User."
  • After setting up your name and icon, link your new Nintendo Account.
  • Then, go to Nintendo eShop.

You may now access games that are exclusively available in a certain region, such as Japan or Europe.

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How to Buy Switch Games from Other Regions

It is worth noting that an American credit card will not work as a payment in the Japan or Europe region. The same applies to United Kingdom cards, it will not work in North American.

So, how do you make your payment? The only option to do so is to buy a digital eShop gift card specifically meant for the region that you want to use it. Then, you may enter its code upon purchasing a game.

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