200,000 workers are now needed to help Foxconn keep up with Apple's anticipated massive iPhone 13 production needs. Apple has put in a huge order for the Apple iPhone 13 as the company anticipates a massive demand for the upcoming smartphone.

Foxconn on iPhone 13 Assembly

According to the story by AppleInsider, typical season demand, which is also coupled to the unusually high competition when it comes to staffing, is now resulting in the iPhone 13 assembler, Foxconn, finally stepping up its whole recruitment drive. The company is now trying to increase its production by hiring more workers.

Facing quite a shrinking workforce and interest in working in manufacturing, Apple suppliers have now been competing to hire staff. With the next Apple iPhone launching very soon, Foxconn reportedly needs a massive 200,000 more workers and has also introduced its new fast-track recruitment.

Foxconn Needs 200,000 Workers

According to the South China Morning Post, the general manager at Foxconn's Zhengzhou iPhone plant Wang Xue noted that staffing is currently the "biggest bottleneck" for the massive company. This is despite the region having suffered extreme flooding.

Wang Xue noted that the local government themselves was also helping the company's strong hiring effort. The company is set to achieve the needed 200,000 extra workers at the company's current speed of recruitment. Other potential expectations for the iPhone 13 could be that Apple would decide to get rid of the buttons to bring the world their iPhone 13 buttonless phone.

Local Government Helps in Hiring

The local government's strong assistance reportedly includes chartering 100 buses in order to pick up new job applicants coming from their communities and drop them at the main factory gates. This is according to the local television reports.

Foxconn is now reportedly also conducting coronavirus testing on-site in order to help improve the speed of processing safely. There are large expectations for the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 even with the design of the upcoming smartphone.

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Foxconn Aims to Produce Up to 500,000 Smartphones a Day

Getting even more manpower has actually been the "biggest bottleneck" at the whole sprawling manufacturing complex that Apple supplier Foxconn Technology Group runs. A local broadcaster reportedly quoted Wang Xue from Henan Television. The facility is reportedly capable of housing as many as 350,000 assembly workers that would be able to produce up to a whopping 500,000 smartphones a day.

Apple is also reportedly targeting to ship from a massive 130 million up to 150 million new iPhones during the second half of the year, according to Dan Ives, the managing director at the Wedbush Securities investment firm, in a research note that was published in June. According to Ives, Apple's very own supply chain in Asia will reportedly enable the production of a massive 90 million up to 100 million units to meet the initial orders for the brand new 5G iPhone 13 models.

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