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Apple will push through with its September launch date for iPhone 13. Fans of the product can get their hands on it in the third week of that month.

Apple's iPhone 13 Release Date

According to Wedbush analysts, Apple has decided to be a month early for the unveiling of the iPhone 13.

The tech giant holds fall events for its products, with the main iPhone launch usually occurring in October.

Wedbush's Asia supply chain shows that during the second half of 2020, iPhone had 130 million to 150 million units sold. The iPhone 13 is also estimated to consist of 35% to 45% of the company's third-quarter builds for 2021.

According to AppleInsider, Wedbush believes that the outlook gives the product enhanced confidence in its upcoming launch.

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Wedbush stated that they believe that the current iPhone 13 launch is ready for a September rollout from a timing perspective.

Regarding supply chain, the current level of builds for the iPhone 13 is in the 90 million unit range, meaning, this a lot more compared to iPhone 12's 80 million units in 2020.

The 10% improvement this year shows the increased confidence of Apple that the iPhone 13 will extend well into 2022.

Wedbush is not the only one that believes the product will be launched in September. On Aug. 12, TrendForce revealed its own expectations of the product and stated that it too believes the unit will roll out in September.

For this year, Wedbush believes that Apple will offer a 1T storage option in its unit. Also, it is believed that the limit of 512GB will be doubled.

LiDAR is also expected to spread to all devices in the range instead of just being limited to the iPhone Pro generation.

Rumors also circulated in July that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with Touch ID, although some say that it will be included in iPhone 14.

The iPhone 13 is also said to be stronger MagSafe Magnets and reverse wireless charging. 

Wedbush also believes that Apple will see a strong consumer product cycle, and the demand will be high. It is estimated that 250 million of the 975 million iPhone units currently in use are already almost four years old, which could help increase the sales of iPhones in 2021.

Better Chips, Bigger Battery, and Enhanced Features

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman stated that fans of the product could expect a better chip that will increase the speed of the iPhone. Fans can also expect a new feature called Cinematic video, a version of Portrait mode for video.

ZDNet also reported that the iPhone 13 might have bigger and better battery life. The units are said to support larger batteries, which means that users can spend less time charging the phones.

As for the product's price, fans can expect the prices to be in the same range as the iPhone 12. The units may cost $699, $799, and $1,099 respectively.

Apple keeps its pricing for each generation of iPhone close to its predecessors. According to TrendForce, the prices of the iPhone 13 lineup should be on par with the current iPhone 12 models.

Fans can expect the real pricing of the phones to be revealed either by the end of this month or at the beginning of next month.

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