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Apple Watch has just hit a whopping 100 million active users! It was reported that 50 million of these users could come from America as 50 million Americans reportedly have one.

Apple Watch Analysis

According to the story by CultofMac, Apple Watch has just recently passed quite an important milestone. It was noted that there are currently 100 million of them in active use according to a certain market analysis firm. The analysis firm also noted that over 50 million Americans already have one.

The user base is reportedly one of the most important measurements of the product's widely felt success. It also shows just how many people are actively using a certain device, as opposed to buying a new one, disliking it, then suddenly dumping it in a drawer.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

These particular figures come from the analysts over at Counterpoint Research. Senior Analyst Sujeong Lim gave a statement regarding the findings. Sujeong Lim noted that Apple Watch's very own user base has officially crossed the 100-million mark for the very first time during the quarter which ended in June.

This captured the lion's share of the smartwatch user base all around the globe. Lim notes that more than half of Apple's smartwatches are also being used in the United States. Tim Cook officially took over from the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs ten years ago. The Apple Watch OS offered some extremely interesting features not just the basic sleep monitoring but also monitoring how much the user washes their hands.

Apple Watch iOS Users

Apple Watch is considerably one of the most significant new hardware products of Cook's tenure as well as 100 million active users is proof that Apple isn't just coasting on Jobs' popular ideas. Of course, the success of the wearable is still not anywhere close to the success of the Apple iPhone.

Apple also noted that the install base for the iOS handset has just passed a billion users in the late 2020. The install base for the Apple iPad was estimated to be around a whopping 400 million in 2020, according to Asymco.

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Apple Products Users

As of the moment, much of the massive growth in smartwatches is still in the sub-$100 category. This is according to Counterpoint Research. These are reportedly less advanced compared to Apple's products but also offer quite similar health-related features including heart monitoring as one of the most popular features.

At the price of $279, the new Apple Watch SE is considered the cheapest in the lineup so the company is still missing out on the massive budget market. Apple, however, has done quite well for a number of years offering premium products at different premium prices. An example of this is that the iPhone that costs the least, as of the moment, is still at $399. The Apple Watch also has a 24/7 fall detection system which has reportedly saved lives.

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