NFTs Being Sold in Bid to Help Rebuild Brazil's Rainforest | Here's How to Help
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) NFTs Being Sold in Bid to Help Rebuild Brazil's Rainforest | Here's How to Help

NFTs are now being sold in a bid to help Rebuild Brazil's sacred rainforest. With cryptocurrency becoming immensely popular, NFTs are starting to be largely recognized as well!

NFT Technology Gets Popular

While NFTs started out being something only a few could understand, non-fungible tokens started to become more and more popular and now, NFTs can also help the physical environment. 

NFT games have become extremely popular with the likes of "Axie Infinity" and other NFT games lodging NFTs in general to succeed. With blockchain technology becoming more and more popular, the uses for NFTs have also become more versatile. NFT coins have also started to go up in value as NFT games become more and more popular.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, are certain digital collectibles that usually come at a high cost. This is not just towards the investor but according to the story by HypeBeast, also towards the planet.

The popularity of NFTs has also grown and this also includes conversations regarding lessening the whole environmental impact of these particular types of blockchain assets. More new blocks of information are mined (added) to a decentralized blockchain network which is based on a process known as proof-of-work, which requires quite extensive computer hardware that usually consumes a significant amount of power.

'The Ultimate Green NFT'

A number of companies, this includes the known sustainability platform called Aerial as well as the music-centered platform known as Oneof, have just officially launched initiatives in order to help offset the whole carbon footprint of minting NFTs. Just last week, Real Nifty reportedly announced the official launch of its "The Ultimate Green NFT" which is aimed at helping the reforestation efforts in southeastern Brazil.

Every user that reportedly purchases an NFT through the whole To Be Named Atlantic Rainforest project will reportedly help fund the planting, growing, as well as maintaining of native species over in the Atlantic Forest region in Brazil. Click the link to help out.

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NFT to Save Brazil's Rainforest

NFT holders will also get a plot of forest land to be named after them and will reportedly hold a 30-year license to the carbon credits. Brazil is known to be the home of the largest rainforest in the whole world and is often known as "the lungs of the planet."

The particularly lush green landscape is reportedly pivotal when it comes to helping fight climate change as well as control the earth's greenhouse gas emissions. Shi Wen Li, Real Nifty CEO, gave a statement in a press release.

According to Shi Wen Li, this particular collaboration allows the whole cryptocurrency technology to not only offset but also reverse its particular harm to the environment in order for the net impact to become positive for everyone. Real Nifty has just launched an NFT minting service allowing NFTs to be created for things people want to buy.

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