Upcoming NFT Games 2021 | Become Early Players of 'Axie Infinity'-Like Games
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Upcoming NFT Games 2021 | Become Early Players of 'Axie Infinity'-Like Games

Checkout the upcoming NFT games 2021 like "Axie Infinity." For those that have missed out on the earlier boom of blockchain games like "Axie Infinity," don't worry! The era of NFT games has just started and there are more blockchain games to come.

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While there have been other popular NFT games in the past like "Splinterlands' ' that have been there for quite a while. Although yes, "Splinterlands" has already existed for quite a while, most of the profitable gamers usually make their money by entering early when the tokens and mechanics are still very favorable.

Once the game gets more popular and the NFT coins start to rise in value, it'll usually be harder for gamers to earn from these NFT games. Of course, it is still very important to DYOR and avoid rug pulls at all costs. Check out these games mentioned on GFinityESports that are expected to launch this year.

Check out the Upcoming NFT Games 2021:

1. 'Binamon'

"Binamon" is expected to launch this August 28 and aims to compete with the highly popular "Axie Infinity." Players can stake or trade their very own Binamon in order to earn $BMON.

2. 'The Sandbox'

The game's initial public alpha is expected to release some time in 2021 and players will be able to build on Land which is the game's original digital plots. Players can easily sell and monetize their creations to earn $SAND, the game's official token.

3. 'Doctor Who: Worlds Apart'

The game is expected to enter the NFT ecosystem fully releasing in the fourth quarter of 2021. The game trades cards like "Gods Unchained" and the game uses vUSD as the marketplace cryptocurrency.

4. 'Illuvium'

The full release of "Illuvium" is scheduled this fourth quarter of 2021 with players participating in PvP Arena battles or through participating in PvE missions. Players can earn the $ILV token as the game runs on Ethereum's blockchain. The mobile version is expected to launch in 2022 ahead of its full sequel in 2023, according to the game's roadmap.

5. 'Guild of Guardians'

This mobile fantasy RPG is set to fully release in early 2022 with its beta and alpha versions potentially launching this year. There are already 120,000 players that have pre-registered for the upcoming multiplayer dungeon RPG. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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'Monsta Infinite' Whitelist for $MONI

Other honorable mentions include "Monsta Infinite" which has just announced its whitelist of registrants that can purchase the game's $MONI token during the presale 1.0 and presale 2.0. While the game is still in development, for early investors, purchasing $MONI during the presale would allow them to play the game before the token is available on other public trading platforms.

Before investing in NFT games, it is important to DYOR since not all games will appreciate in value for gamers. "CryptoBlades' ' is an example of an NFT game that gamers are struggling to make a profit on due to the long ongoing update.

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