Google Postpones Return to Office Work at Least Jan 10, 2022
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Google Postpones Return to Office Work at Least Jan 10, 2022

Google has yet again postponed its move for employees to fully return to the office and announced that its employees can still continue to work remotely until 2022. The decision now follows similar ones that are already made by the company's popular tech industry peers just like Facebook and Amazon.

Google Return to Office Work

According to the story by CNN, Google workers from all around the world will not really be required to return to their offices until at least January 10, 2022. This was according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai in a note to employees on August 31, 2021.

The policy reportedly applies to Google and does not apply to its very own parent company Alphabet, according to a spokesperson. It was noted that beyond January 10, 2022, the company will enable countries and locations to be able to make determinations on when to end the company's voluntary work-from-home which is based on local conditions. This also greatly varies across the company's offices.

Google 30-Day Heads-Up

He also added that employees will be getting a full 30-day heads-up before they are ultimately required to come back to the office. The decision marks the second time in recent months that Google has decided to delay a full office return. Working from home once the option to work at the office arises could mean Google workers would have to take a 25% pay cut.

The company had previously pushed it from September to October and this illustrates how much of a moving target reopening ultimately continues to be as the new COVID-19 delta variant starts to spread. Major tech firms that took the lead when it came to sending corporate workers home during the start of the pandemic are currently becoming more cautious when it comes to bringing them back.

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Employees Presented with Work Setup Options

Amazon and Facebook both announced some time earlier in August 2021 that they will no longer be requiring workers to return until January 2022. Lyft, on the other hand, has set its return date to February 2, 2022. Other tech companies include Apple, Microsoft, and even Uber as they are currently sticking to their plans to be able to reopen in October 2021.

Google has been changing its politics a number of times already. The company initially required employees to be able to come back to their very own pre-pandemic offers at least three days a week and this would subsequently allow them to apply for permanent remote work or decide to change in their own office location. During the pandemic, Google was able to save $1 billion as the company now contemplates a hybrid work setup.

It was noted that around 10,000 employees have reportedly applied to change where they would work from as of July 2, 2021. Google gave a statement noting that 45% are seeking to remain permanently remote while 55% want to switch offices. The company has reportedly approved 85% of these particular requests.

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