"Sushiverse," an upcoming NFT game will be pre-selling sushi NFTs on September 4. 

The "Sushiverse" NFT presale will involve a collection of 10,000 sushi NFTs priced at 0.059 ETH (Ethereum). These sushi NFTs will give their owners some pretty cool perks as "Sushiverse" readies to launch its NFT game. 

'Sushiverse' NFT Presale

Sushiverse NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Sushiverse Instagram account)

The "Sushiverse" NFT presale is set to take place on September 4. The presale will begin at 10 p.m. EST and will be open for 12 hours, according to the "Sushiverse" Twitter account. Those who would like to take part in the presale are encouraged to join the "Sushiverse" Discord channel. 

The presale will include 10,000 "programmatically generated best-dressed Sushi in town (Ethereum Blockchain) with a side of attitude; hauling in all the way from Sushiverse - the magical land of fragrant rice, fresh seafood, wasabi, and all that yummy goodness," according to the "Sushiverse" website. 

These sushi NFTs will give their owners exclusive "Sushiverse" benefits such as early access and unlocking game benefits for the upcoming NFT game. 

Upcoming Gen 2 "Sushiverse" NFTs, NFT Game 

If you think these 10,000 sushi NFTs are all there is to "Sushiverse," there are more in store for anyone interested in sushi NFTs. 

In fact, there will be Gen 2 "Sushiverse" NFTs that will be dropped and anyone who owns NFTs from Gen 1 "will be able to claim their Gen 2 'Sushiverse' NFT," according to the website. 

"Sushiverse" fans can also expect a merch store to be set up. The merch store will sell products such as hoodies, caps, limited edition shirts, and more. 

All of these will lead to the introduction of what is being referred to as the "Sushi Metaverse." The design and concept of the "Sushiverse" NFT game will be shared by the developer with the community. 

What are NFTs?

"Sushiverse" is the latest addition to the NFTs and NFT games already in the market. 

NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, have been defined by Investopedia as "cryptographic assets on blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other."

Due to the fact that these tokens are non-fungible, they cannot be traded with something of equal value. 

NFTs and cryptocurrency have been compared countless times. They are not the same thing, but they do share a few similarities. One of which is the fact that they both operate on a blockchain. Ethereum, in particular, is known for being able to support NFTs. 

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Examples of Digital Art NFTs

NFTs can be anything digital. They can come in the form of collectibles, music, and even GIFs. These days, however, they usually come in the form of Digital Art. 

Anything can be turned into digital art NFTs, including cats, aliens, zombies, and so much more. There are even rock NFTs called EtherRock that are available in the market. 

One popular example that recently made headlines is the Weird Whales NFT collection. The collection was created by 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed. The whale NFTs in the collection has been inspired by an 8-bit stock photo of a blue whale. 

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