Apple Asks Employees for 'Voluntary' Vaccination Status Report | No Mandate Given
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Apple is currently asking employees for "voluntary" vaccination status reports. This is in preparation for Apple's move to get employees back to the office.

Apple COVID-19 Campaign

In the latest step of Apple's strong COVID-19 campaign, the company is currently requesting that all United States employees should report their vaccination status. As of the moment, however, Cupertino has still not yet mandated that employees should get shots.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is now asking employees to "voluntarily" provide information regarding their vaccination status by mid-September. This request is made whether the employees work at home or in the office.

Apple on COVID-19 Response Effort

The Cupertino tech giant noted that it is also using the data in order to better its own COVID-19 response efforts as well as protocols. The company had previously requested employees in California to give their vaccination status. This is also the same case for those in New Jersey and Washington in order to comply with the local regulations.

Apple noted in a memo that was obtained by Bloomberg that as the company's COVID-19 response continues to evolve, Apple's main focus remains to keep their team members, friends, families, as well as the entire community healthy. The memo also indicated a deadline of September 17.

No Specific Vaccination Requirements

According to the story by CultOfMac, although there have been a number of other technology companies requiring its employees to get vaccinated, so far Apple has not yet gone this specific route. Apple, however, has stepped up its efforts in order to persuade employees to get vaccinated.

Its brand new campaign to convince employees to ultimately get the jab in light of the FDA's approval of the vaccine is a firm indication of that. Apple has also just recently beefed up its voluntary COVID-19 testing program. The company asked that employees actually get tested and allow them to do so up to three times a week.

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Vaccine Data to be 'Confident and Secure'

The company noted to its employees that it is aggregating the provided information, and not actually informing managers regarding responses, in order to help keep the vaccine data "confident and secure." The company, however, notes that this could still change in the future. Apple has reportedly been spending $4.1 million in lobbying expenses in the EU.

Apple's memo noted that it is actually possible that the vaccination status could be used in a certain identifiable manner, along with some other information regarding general work environments like the building location. If the company determines, or if it is required that, the information is reportedly necessary in order to help ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

Although a required return of all employees to the Apple office has been the company's main plan, there have been a number of delays ensued. Apple had shifted the previous June 2021 return date to early September, then again October, then finally to January 2022. The company also reportedly indicated that it will give its employees a full one-month warning before the return deadline. Google has also decided to postpone its return to office to January 2022 as well.

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