Health Officials Warn Delta Variant 'Eating Lungs' of People Without Vaccines | Oxygen, Intubation, Ventilators Much Needed
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Health Officials Warn Delta Variant 'Eating Lungs' of People Without Vaccines | Oxygen, Intubation, Ventilators Much Needed

With the COVID-19 pandemic making its presence known to the general public, new variants are starting to alarm health officials even more. Just recently health officials warned the public that the delta variant could be "eating lungs" of people that did not have their vaccines yet.

COVID-19 Delta Variant

According to, another coronavirus is here and due to the delta variant, the surge was reportedly "stronger than ever." The article notes that the "numbers don't lie" enumerating hospitalizations, testing, and even death rates reaching levels that they "haven't seen" ever since the worst of the pandemic that happened "last winter."

As one particular doctor puts it, when a certain individual is infected with the new mutation "it's eating their lungs." This is then reportedly resulting in a much more rapid decline of health status, which is currently mostly occurring in people that are unvaccinated. With numerous information regarding COVID-19 coming out that sometimes goes against health officials like people using Ivermectin to treat the virus, health officials are urging people to get vaccinated.

Oxygen, Intubation, Ventilators Now Required

The group is reportedly requiring oxygen, intubation, and even ventilators, which could have not been the case if it was done earlier during the pandemic. As seen on eCommunity, chief physician executive at Community Health Dr. Ram Yeleti gave a statement to News 8.

The statement noted that they do not know for sure if the new variant is "much more infectious" compared to the other variants. When talking about the severity, however, and how bad the new variant is affecting the lungs, it was noted that "it looks like it's more severe."

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Health Officials: 'Getting Vaccinated is Essential'

There was reportedly a recent study done out of the United Kingdom that actually shows the delta virus does look like the variant is now "worse now" compared to how it was before. It was then noted that there is a suggestion that the virus itself is now attacking in other ways and attacking the body's immune system differently compared to how it did before.

While scientists reportedly don't know exactly the mechanism that is driving rapid deterioration, Yeleti notably stated that a delta infection actually causes the body to attack itself even more aggressively. It was also noted that this could lead to organ failure, inflammation, and worst of all, death.

He also notably stated that the mortality rate is getting even higher and that even though they do not really have treatments like anti-inflammatory steroids available, there is still reportedly no cure. The statement then ended explaining that that is why "getting vaccinated is essential" especially now more than ever. With the decline in the number of health staff that is catering to COVID-19 needs, even college students have been recruited in order to help with testing stations.

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