Samsung TV Plus Now Available on Mobile | Features, Compatible Devices, Channels, and More!
(Photo : Image from Samsung Website) Samsung TV Plus Now Available on Mobile | Features, Compatible Devices, Channels, and More!

Samsung TV Plus is finally available on mobile devices! Samsung users will be able to use the free, ad-supported, streaming video service to watch news, movies, sports, music, and other kid and family entertainment.

Samsung TV Plus Mobile

According to the official Samsung website, the feature is available for users wherever they want due to it now being on their phone. There are three features to watch out for with the new Samsung TV Plus:


On this tab, users will have access to all of the different live channels that are currently available in the app. Users can easily scroll up and down in order to check the different available channels. Users can also scroll left or right to check the schedule for the channels.

When users tap the logo, they will then be able to view detailed information regarding the shows, upcoming schedules, and set reminders.


On this tab, users can check out curated live channels, curated video on demand content like movies and series, and even check recently watched channels. Users can add titles to the watch list and also have the option to automatically watch the next episode.

My TV Plus

On this tab, users can check their favorite channels, watch reminders that were set, and the list of other VOD content users might want to continue watching.

Availability of the Samsung TV Plus Mobile

As of the moment, the Samsung TV Plus mobile is only available in the USA.

The new Samsung TV Plus is also currently available on a number of TVs. Users can find additional information regarding the TV version at the official Samsung TV Plus page.

Samsung TV Plus Features

Other features will only be available when users log into their Samsung Account:

  • Watch list and watch reminders

  • Continue Watching

  • Edit Channels

  • Recent Channels and Favorite Channels

In order to check the full channel lineup, click here.

How to Edit Channels on Samsung TV Plus

In order to edit channels, follow this process.

1. Click on My TV Plus and click on the three dots located on the top right of the screen. Click on Settings.

2. Click on Edit channels and check out the list of available channels.

3. Go down the list of channels and click on the switch located to the right of the channel. When done, just click back.

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While Samsung has been known to be competing with Apple on different fronts like smartphones and other gadgets, it seems like the company is competing with Apple on other fronts as well. With the Samsung TV Plus finally available on mobile, more and more users can finally avail the service and check out if it is really worth it.

As of the moment, the service is only available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the Samsung Galaxy S10, and the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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