Known for its eponymous mobility solution and e-scooters, tech pioneer Segway has developed a new product for the garden - a smart lawnmower called "Navimow."

Unlike most lawnmowers currently available on the market, the Segway Navimow does not require the installation of any boundary cords in the garden. Also, the new product from Segway is equipped with positioning and systematic mowing patterns, precise down to the centimeter, that increase efficiency and creates perfectly manicured lawns.

Navimow is poised to be a perfect companion for people looking to do more in life while keeping their lawn well-maintained. Also, the same could be said for older people, whose declining physical fitness hampers them from doing tasks like mowing the lawn themselves. However, other existing products in the market require boundary cords on their garden and the robot lawnmower adapted to it - these are problems solved with the Navimow.

Navimow Lawn Mowing Robot
(Photo : Segway/ Full Stop PR)

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Virtual Working Zones, Real Working Efficiency

Segway builds the Navimow on a technical innovation called "Exact Fusion Locating System" (EFLS), a propriety fusion locating technology. A locating module installed on the lawnmower communicates simultaneously with the satellites and antenna to form a precise and stable triangular locating system that positions the robot.

"At the core of this technology is the use of GPS satellite signals to achieve outdoor positioning accurate to within two centimeters through real-time kinematics," explains Segway BU General Manager George Ren. Additionally, with built-in sensors providing the mower with a wealth of information, the Navimow can operate steadily even when the GPS signal becomes temporarily weak. A map included in the accompanying app can be used to define precise zones and boundaries of operation - allowing users to conveniently define where Navimow should mow and which parts of the lawn should it avoid.

"Once the working area in the garden has been defined, Navimow does not criss-cross, but rather determines a systematic mowing path thanks to its intelligent navigation algorithm and follows it," Ren additionally points out.

Navimow Intelligent Support

Segway's pilot robotic lawnmower was designed for lawn areas up to 3,000 square meters. It is equipped with several features that make it a perfect smart helper for the garden on top of being one of the quietest mowers in the market today, with recorded sound levels of only 54 dB.

Its Frequent Soft Cut System (FSCS) also ensures that your lawn remains cut uniformly as it starts trimming from above and gradually reduces grass to the target height. Additional offset blades also allow cutting to be as close as possible to the edges and corners. Lawn obstacles like your favorite gnomes and flower pots are automatically detected and avoided by the unit. Similarly, its Blade Halt technology immediately stops whenever kids or pets get too close.

In terms of movement, Ren commends "its five-centimeter-thick rubber all-terrain wheels, Navimow also easily masters inclines of 45 percent." Additionally, Navimow has an IPX6 water resistance rating, allowing it to withstand rainfall, heavy splashes, and high-pressure water jets. Fitted with a rain sensor, Navimow automatically goes back to its charging station on rainy days since lawn mowing is not really a rainy day activity. However, this rain sensor could be turned off through the app and the lawnmower be tasked to continue working even under the rain.

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