Chinese Military Researchers Might Have Cracked the Possibility of Landing a Hypersonic Drone
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Chinese Military Researchers Might Have Cracked the Possibility of Landing a Hypersonic Drone

Chinese military researchers note that they might have cracked the possibility of landing a hypersonic drone. Landing an unmanned aircraft that is flying over five times the speed of sound on a general standard air strip is not easy at all. 

Chinese Military Researchers on Hypersonic Flight

According to the story by SCMP, Chinese military researchers note that they have reportedly found a way to make the process safer and is potentially bringing applications for hypersonic flight a full step closer. The technology has reportedly progressed quite considerably.

China and Russia have been deploying various types of different hypersonic missiles in the recent year as well as the growing interest in applying the advances of these drones. Bringing such aircrafts back to the ground safely has reportedly proven to be problematic especially with the added complexity and urgency of military settings.

Modern Planes of Today

A modern plane reportedly relies on software in order to look for an optimal path of descent and humans can now intervene if anything would go wrong. At hypervelocity, however, even the fastest type of flight control computer still struggles to be able to calculate it in time.

In a particular paper that was published in a peer-reviewed domestic journal known as Tactical Missile Technology, Dai Fei as well as colleagues that come from the People's Liberation Army Air Force notes that they have made improvements that are based on a certain classified model of hypersonic drone. The rocket-propelled surveillance drone known as the Wuzhen 8 appeared in Beijing's military parade two years ago.

Faster than the Speed of Sound

As of the moment, it is believed to be faster than the speed of sound. However, whether it is actually hypersonic still remains unknown as of the moment. Hypersonic drones might be used against stealth aircrafts like the American F-22s as well as F-35s according to Wang Xing, an Air Force Engineering University professor, as also reported in

It was noted that in close-range battle, however, stealth technology is considered redundant and no particular stealth aircraft could actually conceal itself after launching a missile or even dropping a bomb, according to Wang. A hypersonic drone reportedly deployed by China's very own ground-based air defence system could actually catch up with an F-22.

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Hypersonic Flights to Reach Mach 5 Speeds

It was noted that such a drone would actually be designed to return to the nearest airbase. It is, however, potentially difficult to do and was shown in July during the first ever space tourism flight. The SpaceX Inspiration4 is also expected to launch soon aboard the Dragon as the mission has been given a go signal.

Virgin Galactic was reportedly required to apply for air space for its very own rocket plane and to operate within the zone. The plane, however, veered off course during its landing. This then posed a risk to other aircraft. Virgin Galactic has also previously reopened ticket sales for the company's upcoming space flights.

The incident reportedly occurred while flying at Mach 3, or three times the recorded speed of sound. Hypersonic flights would involve speeds of Mach 5 or even faster. A passenger jet actually flies slower than the speed of sound.

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