At one point, your email account like Gmail may already be full, and you may look towards the internet for tips or guide on how to delete the mail. The problem is not deleting this mail but locating it one by one and selecting what needs to be included in the deletion. 

The struggle is that when a user clicks something wrong, all the highlighted items would be removed.

Last month, Tech Times highlighted how to delete mail via Gmail, especially as it is one of the most used services currently as the pandemic has turned to the virtual world. 

Not only is Gmail annoying when it is full; accessing mail may be slower or harder to do, like a lot of the cache is picked up by the app or browser. 

How to Delete Mail in Gmail via Browser

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To delete Gmail, users can use the search function to locate all the mail and have them filtered out on specifics and the type that should be deleted. Using the filter function can help in locating all mail or specific mail to be deleted, having better control over your Google Mail account.

  • Head to Google Mail's website and log in to your account. 
  • Google has a lot of search operators which users can use to filter out mail and identify certain mail that can be deleted or not. 
  • If users want all mail to be deleted, use the search bar to filter and select all without going to specific pages. Use the command "Label: all mail" to highlight all the mail in one's account. 
  • Select the tick box on the upper left corner of the main pages. However, it is important to note that only a max of 50 can be seen on a certain page. Here users can tick "Select All Conversations That Match This Search" to highlight everything.
  • The next step is to delete it by clicking the "bin" icon.
  • After which, users can head to the Trash Bin to delete it permanently. If it is too large to recycle, these emails would be deleted immediately.

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Delete Google Mail via Tool

There are several tools online that aim to provide a service and help users manage their Google Mail better, and keep it clean, tidy, and clutter-free. Users can utilize this so that they would not have to worry about a deep cleaning on their mail accounts every year or whenever it alerts people to delete and make way for storage. 

One highly rated tool is Clean Email, which offers a free service for a specific time frame, but is a subscription platform. 

Another app to use for the venture is Goldy Arora, and it helps as a one-click service to have your Gmail cleaned and retain the storage allocation for your future needs. 

Is it Worth deleting Gmail or Create New Account?

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Users have created an identity with Google Mail, either for corporate or personal uses. Sure having an extra account is good, but it essentially loses those which already acknowledge the first account that is being used already by a user. 

It is important to have the skills and knowledge on how to delete old mail so that users can continue a productive use of emails and other functions it brings. 

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