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Heads up! PS5 restock is now available at Smyths Toys. The latest retailer in the United Kingdom will offer PS5 consoles this month after Studio restocked the console on Sept. 7.

PS5 Restock in the UK

According to The Independent, Smyths stores are restocking on the PS5 consoles in the UK, and they can currently be bought both online and in-store. A supply tracker account confirmed the news on Twitter.

The tweet from the retail clarified the confusion online because some people called Smyths Toys over the phone, and some are getting different answers from the staff.

Some tell customers that it is available in-store, while some say that it is only available online.

The truth is, it is available in both, and if there is a Smyths Toys near you, it is worth a visit. Customers can also alternatively pre-order in-store so they can drop by and pick it up.

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Updates from Other Retailers

If you can't get a PS5 console from Smyths Toys today, there are other retailers that you can check.

According to a PS5 Stock UK account on Twitter, Argos is expected to drop new stocks this week as it will receive a new shipment. This means that the consoles will be available on Argos sites on Sept. 14, but that date remains unconfirmed.

According to the tweet, Argos is expected to receive the PS5 shipment mid-week around Sept. 8, which means that the restock may happen between Sept. 14 to Sept. 17. The retailer decided to order a new batch of stocks due to the high demand.

Game is another major UK retailer that is expected to offer PS5 consoles this month. It is expected that the retailer will announce its availability within the next few weeks, but delays are possible, according to Express.

Knowing when a PS5 restock will happen can be vital, but it is also worth knowing how each retailer handles the shipments. Below are a few examples of how you can catch the availability of PS5 consoles from leading U.K. retailers.

For Argos, you can check on the availability by calling the store because its website is known to frequently crash, with some users complaining that they can't complete their purchases, especially when the traffic is high. You can also download its mobile app so you can keep an eye on the listings.

For Game, it offers more regular stock updates for the PS5 consoles. However, if you will use its website, it is better to use Guest Checkout because it is safer and less likely to crash when completing a purchase.

You can check on the site on Sep.14 as it is expected that the retailer will make a stock drop.

Amazon UK is the most reliable e-commerce site because it rarely has any issues. You need to set up an account and have your credit card details ready so that you can proceed to the checkout page immediately. More stocks are expected to drop this month, but there are no confirmed dates.

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