DJI OM5 Smartphone Gimbal Now Doubles as a Selfie Stick | Check It Out
(Photo : Image from DJI Website) DJI OM5 Smartphone Gimbal Now Doubles as a Selfie Stick | Check It Out

DJI OM5 is a smartphone gimbal that now doubles as a selfie stick. Aside from being a reliable portable smartphone gimbal, users can now take advantage of the device and use it as a selfie stick.

DJI OM5 New Step to Smartphone Gimbal Technology

According to the story by Android Police, smartphone gimbals were previously used as just a tool for smooth video recording. They have now, however, grown into the perfect tool to use to capture distinctive angles and even create unique photos. Of course, this all comes with having a more comfortable and stable grip.

DJI has been consistently producing reliable gimbals in the market with both the Ronin line for those dedicated cameras as well as the Osmo Mobile or the OM line for smartphones. DJI now launches the OM5 taking it a step further in evolving its stabilizer technology to be able to enable more creative control.

DJI OM5 Features

A lot of the features that are included in the OM5 are returning from the previous 2020 OM4. This includes a foldable design for better storage during travels, a new magnetic mount enabling quick attachment as well as removal of the phone without really leveling each time. The DJI Air 2S is another drone that buyers might want to watch out for.

The article also notes that all of DJI's intelligent software features are included as well like the ActiveTrack, panorama, gesture controls, panorama as well as cloning photo models, more video templates to help create great videos, and a lot more. The OM5 also includes some tricks up its sleeves.

Other DJI OM5 Features

The OM5 reportedly includes a telescoping rod making it easier to frame up group selfies or even achieve shots at certain hard-to-reach angles. It is also simply more comfortable for users to hold when vlogging. DJI is popularly known for its drones like the Mavic Air and other regular to small-sized drones.

The number of buttons has also been increased to allow users more convenient access to controls. When it comes to the software, the brand new ActiveTrack 4.0 is still better at predicting motion as well as smoothly moving to be able to capture everything that is happening in the frame.

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Where to Buy DJI OM5 Online

It is reportedly also adding automatic face tracking for selfie shots, so users don't have to mess around with drawing boxes all of the time. There is also a brand new feature known as ShotGuides that help detect their environments as well as offer certain suggestions for templates and shooting techniques that could give better results.

The new DJI OM5 is launching at the price of $159, according to the DJI website, and it comes in two colors. Buyers will be able to choose between either Sunset White or Athens Gray. For those that are also interested in vlogging, DJI is introducing a brand new magnetic mount that is equipped with LED fill lights for the price of $59 to give users a little pop of brightness, especially in darker environments.

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