Adobe Photoshop V22.5 currently disappoints many consumers because it is removing some of the most favorite features of PSD fans. 

"As difficult of a decision as removing 3D features from Photoshop," said an Adobe employee via Adobe Support Community. 

Adobe Photoshop Users Not Liking V22.5 Update—Can You Still Use 3D Features, Spherical Panorama?
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The anonymous staff added that the update was already released last August. He admitted that the new version would remove 3D features and another popular editing feature called Spherical Panorama from the well-known video editing software. 

On the other hand, the employee explained that these functions would be removed since PSD is a transition away from OpenGL, which is critical for 3D functionalities. 

Because of this, many consumers in the Adobe Support Community comment section shared their disappointments. One of them even threatened the giant tech creator to let go of Adobe Photoshop if they continued to remove the advanced editing features. 

Adobe Photoshop V22.5 Solution 

If you are one of the unhappy consumers, the best thing you can do is downgrade your software version V22.3.1. However, users who are using crack versions might not be able to do this. 

Adobe Photoshop Users Not Liking V22.5 Update—Can You Still Use 3D Features, Spherical Panorama?

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They would be required to get another version if they want to continue using the popular Spherical Panorama and 3D features of PSD.

Many editors, both newbies, and professionals are claiming that removing these advanced editing features is a bad move from Adobe since they could lose many consumers.  

However, some users are still hoping that the giant software provider will still solve the issue on the next version. As of the moment, the best thing you can do is wait for Adobe's actual announcements about the Spherical Panorama and 3D features. 

In other news, Adobe Photoshop iPad App receives magic want tool. On the other hand, an AI-powered super-resolution shows PSD's inconsistencies.  

Popular Adobe Photoshop Features

The current issue with Adobe Photoshop V22.5 is pretty serious since many editors and photographers are relying on Spherical Panorama and 3D features to enhance their image outputs. 

According to Adobe HelpX's report, these two editing capabilities are not the only ones affected by the update. Other functions include the following: 

  • Normal Map and Bump Map filters (including smart objects with those filters applied)
  • All interactions in the 3D workspace
  • 3D printing
  • Lighting Effects
  • Import/Export of all 3D formats
  • Any/all extrusions, including text extrusions

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