The latest Microsoft Clipchamp acquisition is expected to benefit non-professional video editors by providing them a new in-browser editing software. 

New Microsoft Clipchamp Non-Pro Video Editing Software Offers Features That Adobe and Other Apps Don't Have
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The giant tech developer confirmed that it could purchase Clipchamp, a startup firm known for its browser-based video editing and creating applications. However, Microsoft and its new subsidiary still haven't released any detail about the terms of the agreement. 

"Video is such an effective way to communicate because it mirrors how we speak, watch, and listen in real life-creating an instant connection to the message and its energy," said the tech giant via its Microsoft 365 blog post. 

The company added that video has a lot to offer than just entertainment. Microsoft added that this electronic medium allows people to present their instructions, status reports, activity records, and learning methods more efficiently compared to written form. 

With the arrival of Clipchamp, video editors, even those who are not specialized in using Adobe and other similar apps, can now produce their own videos without a hassle. 

Microsoft Clipchamp's Offered Features

According to Engadget's latest report, the new Microsoft Clipchamp offers features that are not available in Adobe and other advanced editing software services. 

New Microsoft Clipchamp Non-Pro Video Editing Software Offers Features That Adobe and Other Apps Don't Have

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This is specifically combining web app experience and video processing ability while using your PC's full computing power with GPU acceleration. Thanks to this feature, you can still have a detailed video output without pushing too many buttons when editing your clips. 

Meanwhile, Clipchamp's CEO Alexander Dreiling said their main goal is to allow anyone to create their own videos to tell their stories that are worth sharing with the world. He added that with the latest Microsoft acquisition, they would continue to make video editing simpler, easier, as well as more fun and accessible. 

In other news, the cheaper Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 has arrived. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure users are now required to change their keys because of a new system vulnerability.  

Installing Clipchamp

Clipchamp's official blog post provided a simple guide on how you can download the popular video editing software: 

  1. Find the Clipchamp app in the Google Play Store
  2. Login or create a Clipchamp account
  3. Start editing with your Clipchamp app
  4. Open Clipchamp with the shortcut in your Chromebook Launcher 

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