App Battle is here to bring you the best VPN that money can buy for your Windows 10 PC, as not all virtual private network applications are reliable and worth every buck you spend. Some give the borderline needs, but some offer more than what is advertised and aims to give people more features and offers that would help their browsing experience.

Initially, VPNs are linked to piracy and other disputes because of the nature of the service it brings for people. However, there are proven services that are real in what they offer, bringing a safe browsing experience from both the service provider and the websites or places on the web that people visit. 

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VPNs for Windows 10

Best VPN for Windows 10
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Every operating system needs a specific VPN made for them, and this is why companies are offering different versions of their services for specific computers. Seeing as Windows 10 is the most used OS in the world, VPNs are already well adept at running on its platform.

That being said, a person needs to know which VPN would give them the most of what they need, particularly because people need to pay for its premium services. 


NordVPN Reviews – Is Nord VPN Service Provider Price Worthy
(Photo : NordVPN Reviews – Is Nord VPN Service Provider Price Worthy)

NordVPN is one of the most popular names in the virtual private network industry because they are one of the companies which utilize advertisements on popular platforms to tell people of their service. However, apart from the ads and PR, the company is a reliable service that is used by many for different transactions. 

Windows Security works best with Nord, and that is the great thing about it, as it does not come as a threat. Performance is a big plus, and it has multiple servers which users could jump on and utilize. 

The only downside for Nord is that it does not focus on high speeds as much as its competitors. 

Express VPN

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Another popular name in the VPN industry is Express VPN, and they have also made their name quite apparent among online ads. For an all-around VPN experience, Express offers one of the best in the market, especially as it borders on speed and performance for all of the user's needs. 

The only downside with Express is that its service is somehow pricey for some, but it compensates for it with its reliable private networks and its support service. 

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN
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Hotspot Shield is the least known among the three, but what is iconic with the brand is that it features an easy-to-use interface that focuses on bringing the best possible VPN experience there is. It is fast, reliable, and responsive to what a user truly needs. 

Moreover, it focuses on a flexible budget for these kinds of services, something which can help in being the choice for users. 

App Battle: Best VPN for Windows 10

In comparing the three above, it may be very hard to choose among these, especially as they are the most popular services in the world. All of them are Windows 10-specific, and all bring a fast and reliable service to unlock and unblock certain contents that are restricted. 

In terms of ease of use, speeds, and budget, Hotspot Shield would be the most obvious choice. However, if performance were to base on, the choice would be Express VPN, which is still the top-performing one. 

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