U.S. websites are currently essential since they provide important daily information about the things happening in the country and outside the nation. Pew Research Center conducted a study and discovered that seven in ten residents in the United States use social media platforms and other online sites to connect with one another.

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As of the moment, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still forcing Americans to stay at home to avoid further spread of the deadly virus, especially as new variants started appearing, such as Delta and Lambda.

Aside from getting essential details about major events like the recent Afghanistan issue, from which U.S. President Joe Biden managed to pull out all American soldiers from the chaotic country, residents in the United States are also using websites to complete their work tasks online and purchase daily essential products.

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They usually share their bank details and other sensitive user information to complete important online activities to earn money and maintain their lifestyles. To ensure that residents are actually the ones accessing the online platforms available in the country, tech firms are using CAPTCHAs to identify them from bots, which are usually used by hackers to remotely acquire personal information.

According to Threat Post, online attackers are using CAPTCHAs to hide their phishing and malware campaigns. This is currently a serious matter since more than 300 million Americans are active on the internet, vulnerable to malicious online activities and attacks.

Hackers Now Taking Advantage of CAPTCHAs

MalwareHunterTeam's security experts confirmed that a group of cybercriminals is using CAPTCHA to fool victims into downloading the so-called Gozi banking trojan.

Involved researchers explained that these online attackers are hiding their malware campaign behind CAPTCHAs so that they can bypass browsers' warnings. As of the moment, Google Chrome automatically warns if the link or file you will access is malicious.

Because of this, Gozi hackers are now replacing Google's warnings with their fake reCAPTCHA, which specifically prompts users to press the B, S, Tab, A, F, and Enter button correspondingly.

The first keyboard keys provided would fool the users into believing that the message appearing on the screen is a legit reCAPTCHA. But, once they tap the Tab key, Google Chrome's warning feature would be confused.

Once they followed it up by clicking the Enter key, their device would automatically open the URL or access the malicious file, allowing hackers to bypass their laptops' security features.

If you are currently using a website for your business or work, it seems like you need to change your traditional CAPTCHA. Currently, new versions of this verification feature are now being developed, including the so-called slide CAPTCHA.

Unlike old versions, this new model offers around 99% efficiency against spambots. Right now, GeeTest offers its enhanced slide CAPTCHA service to allow you to protect your website and provide a great user experience for your consumers.

GeeTest Slide CAPTCHA Combines Great Security and User Experience

"Slide CAPTCHA" means that users only need to drag the slider to simply complete the verification steps. eBay, NIKE, Imperva, Agoda, HUAWEI trust GeeTest slide CAPTCHA.


If you are looking for a CAPTCHA service that could certainly protect your website or page from scammers and cyber attackers, then you should try getting GeeTest CAPTCHA, which has the following advantages over its competitors:

  • No. 1 market share in China, servicing over 320,000 brands worldwide.

  • GeeTest increased the attack cost of the underground industry by 3.17 times.

  • The popular global slide-CAPTCHA was proposed and created for the first time by GeeTest in 2012.

GeeTest decided to develop its AI-powered Slide CAPTCHA in 2012 to provide both better user experience and security benefits.


"Instead of a visual recognition challenge, GeeTest asks visitors to play a puzzle game. While visitors interact with the captcha, GeeTest collects data for its AI-powered risk engine to identify malicious features," explained the company.


"By this way, GeeTest distinguishes legitimate humans with an intuitive interaction and relieves users from a challenge-based security burden," added the CAPTCHA service provider.

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As of now, GeeTest is already serving more than 320,000 businesses and companies across the globe, with over 1.4 million processed inquiries each day. For the past years of providing great service to its consumers, the CAPTCHA provider still maintains its main goal to deliver the best user experience and protection features.

GeeTest CAPTCHA's Security

If you are still not convinced with GeeTest CAPTCHA's service, you need to know that it follows the statutory provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Despite the decrease of difficulty in using CAPTCHA verification, GeeTest mainly prioritizes user data security and will not compromise your personal data. The company believes that protecting your information is more important than anything else.

24/7 Customer Service Support

For new consumers out there, you don't have to worry about messing up your website's GeeTest CAPTCHA since the GeeTest Professional tech team is active 24/7. Thanks to their non-stop efforts, you can have the greatest quality service to solve any confusion with the company's security protection.

GeeTest CAPTCHA's Great Device Compatibility

Since people across the globe are now using their gadgets most of the day, GeeTest enhanced its Slide CAPTCHA to support Android, Html5, iOS, WAP, WEB, and other browsers so that all your websites are protected from bots and hackers.

This simply means that if you decide to have its product, you can surely protect your mobile apps, APIs, and web pages against bot attacks in all scenarios.

GeeTest's AI-Powered Interactive Security Easily Identifies Bots

CAPTCHA's primary goal is to identify humans from bots or vice versa. This is the main reason why GeeTest has been deeply involved in the field of interactive security for more than nine years to enhance its artificial intelligence.

GeeTest conducted an in-depth analysis of interactive data, learned from various bot attacks, focused on security defense capabilities, and made other significant efforts to enhance its AI-powered CAPTCHA.

GeeTest Will Help You With Installation and Online Deployment

Currently, the company's consumers are still expanding. Because of this, newbie issues are quite hard to avoid. That's why GeeTest's dedicated service team is always available to help you out when you are still starting with your Slide CAPTCHA installation and online deployment.

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GeeTest encourages you to try its CAPTCHA service, the company still wants its new consumers to be satisfied with its product. Thanks to its free trial, you can test the developer's security protection and see for yourself how effective it really is. Try GeeTest's free trial for 30 days, NOW!

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