Remember AT&T’s Fake 5G Network? Study Says It’s Actually Slower Than 4G On Rivaling Carriers

AT&T’s fake 5G network is slower than other carriers’ 4G services, a study now shows. In response, AT&T called OpenSignal’s research methodologies flawed.

Internet March 23, 2019

You Can Shop On eBay Using Google Pay Starting This April

Google Pay will only be available as a payment method on eBay when buying from sellers enrolled in eBay’s new payments experience. The option rolls out this April.

Internet March 22, 2019

Instagram Wants You To Shop Without Leaving The App: Here's How Checkout Works

Instagram has introduced its newest feature called Checkout, where users can directly purchase products without leaving the app. Here's how it works.

Internet March 23, 2019

Firefox Can Now Block Autoplaying Videos And Sounds

Mozilla announced the launch of Firefox 66, the latest update for its browsing platform. The update will allow consumers to automatically disable autoplay videos that have sound.

Internet March 20, 2019

PewDiePie Briefly Lost Top Spot On YouTube

YouTube gamer PewDiePie got dethroned briefly on Monday morning when Bollywood record label T-Series got ahead of the subscriber count for two hours. The feud between the two YouTube channels is intense.

Internet March 20, 2019

Archive Team Works To Preserve Public Google+ Posts In The Internet Archive

Google is set to shut down Google+ on April 2. Before that happens, the Archive Team is working to preserve public content on the platform and cache everything in the Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine.'

Internet March 18, 2019

Facebook Says Revenge Porn Is No Match For Its New AI

Facebook will leverage new AI technology to combat the spread of revenge porn across its platforms. Unlike its previous method that required victims to submit photos, this one will detect sensitive content automatically.

Internet March 16, 2019

Facebook, Instagram Experience Hours-Long Outage Affecting Users Worldwide

Facebook-owned apps have been down for hours across the globe. The worldwide outage is one of the longest the social media platforms experienced, with some users still not being able to access the apps at the time of writing.

Internet March 14, 2019

There Might Soon Be A ‘Hide Tweet’ Option On Twitter

Twitter has confirmed that it’s working on a feature that lets users hide certain replies. Some, however, have expressed concern that the option might lead to censorship.

Internet March 1, 2019

Facebook’s Patreon Clone Might Bleed Content Creators Dry With 30 Percent Fan Subscriptions Cut

Facebook wants to take 30 percent of total Fan Subscriptions profits, drawing criticism from creators. What takes the cake, however, is the suspect policies when it comes to content licensing.

Internet February 27, 2019

Who Is Filthy Frank? YouTuber Seen In YouTube Kids Videos Giving Suicide Tips To Children

A pediatrician in Florida found a clip inserted into videos posted on YouTube Kids that encourage children to harm themselves. The clip shows YouTuber Filthy Frank, who has more than 6 million subscribers on his channel.

Internet February 26, 2019

Mother Finds Suicide Tips For Children In YouTube And YouTube Kids Videos

Last summer, YouTube Kids took down a video containing instructions on how to commit suicide. Months later, another video with the same harmful content resurfaces on YouTube.

Internet February 26, 2019

Big-Name Companies Such As Disney, Nestle Pull YouTube Ads Due To Child Videos Problem

Companies have pulled their ads from YouTube after the problem with child videos on the platform surfaced. Video blogger Mark Watson, who discovered the issue, said he found a 'wormhole into a softcore pedophilia ring' on the website.

Internet February 20, 2019

Gearing Up For 5G: A Miniature, Low-cost Transceiver For Fast, Reliable Communications

Gearing up for 5G: A miniature, low-cost transceiver for fast, reliable communications

Internet February 18, 2019

Firefox Will Soon Mute Autoplaying Videos Automatically

Autoplaying videos are one of the most egregious banes of internet culture. Fortunately, Firefox 66, which Mozilla is scheduled to launch this March, will mute them by default.

Internet February 5, 2019

Twitter Might Soon Allow People To Edit Tweets, But There’s A Catch

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey offered some suggestions as to how an edit button on Twitter would work. He said there might be a limited editing period and that users might be able to see a tweet’s original version.

Internet February 4, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Defends Facebook, Says It Doesn’t Sell User Data

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks people distrust Facebook because they don’t understand how it operates. He also clarified that the company doesn’t sell user data to advertisers.

Internet January 26, 2019

You’ll See Less And Less Conspiracy Theory Videos, Says YouTube

YouTube has now confirmed that it’ll be making changes so people don’t get as much recommendations for extremist content. But is it really as simple as that?

Internet January 26, 2019

Over 3 Million Supporters Are Now On Patreon Funding 100,000 Content Creators

Patreon has reached a milestone. Within a year, the membership service has gained a million patrons supporting more than a hundred thousand content creators on its platform.

Internet January 24, 2019

Google Donates Millions, Machine Learning Tools To Wikipedia

To help expand free access to knowledge, Google is donating $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundation. Machine learning and other tools will also be provided to make more diverse Wikipedia content.

Internet January 23, 2019

Data Breach Puts 773M Email Addresses, 21M Passwords At Risk: How To Check If You're Affected

Hackers have stolen about 773 million email addresses and over 21 million passwords in a massive data breach dubbed Collection #1. Here's how to check if you're affected.

Internet January 20, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Developing Cloud-Based Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon hasn’t had much luck in the gaming department, with a few Fire TV games that no one cares about. But maybe a new cloud-based video game streaming service might just make it a formidable player once and for all.

Internet January 11, 2019

T-Mobile Goes After AT&T For Giving Phones A Fake 5G Logo

AT&T’s 5G indicator, rolled out recently to select phones, is just a sticker. Or at least that’s what T-Mobile thinks it is with this latest shade.

Internet January 8, 2019

Amazon Showroom Lets You Design A Virtual Living Room With Furniture Before Purchasing

Amazon has finally debuted Showroom, a virtual living room for furniture shoppers. With it, customers can see how a living room will look with certain items before hitting the purchase button.

Internet January 5, 2019

Mozilla Says Its Thunderbird Email Client Will Get Major Improvements This Year

Thunderbird is bound to get a lot fresher this year. Mozilla has just announced a roster of planned updates for the email client, among them an interface revamp and a total structural rewrite.

Internet January 3, 2019

How To Join The Cord-Cutter Bandwagon And Get Rid Of Cable Forever

Cable is expensive and seemingly inescapable. Streaming is the way to go nowadays, and this guide will help you get started on your cord-cutting journey.

Internet December 29, 2018

Facebook Canceled A Feature That Finds ‘Common Ground’ Between Users With Opposing Political Views

Common Ground was a feature-in-development supposed to curb the growing political divide between Facebook users. However, Facebook eventually canceled the project, and here’s the reason why.

Internet December 24, 2018

AT&T Will Put A 5G Logo On Phones Even If It’s Not Real

AT&T is finally ready to give every Android phone owner a taste of 5G connectivity. The only problem is that its 5G is actually fake.

Internet December 21, 2018

Former Microsoft Intern Joshua Bakita Claims Google May Have Deliberately Crippled Edge Browser

Bakita said that Google added a hidden code on YouTube videos causing Edge browser to use more energy. Google then started to advertise Chrome as having better energy performance when playing videos.

Internet December 20, 2018

YouTube Warns Creators Their Subscriber Count May Fall As It Purges Spam Accounts

Some YouTube creators will see their subscriber count dip down going forward, YouTube says. The company is performing a routine purge to keep the service as clean as possible, and part of that is eliminating spam accounts.

Internet December 14, 2018

Netflix Apparently Testing A ‘Watch That Scene Again’ Feature

Netflix reportedly tested a feature that would make scrubbing films or TV shows for a specific scene much easier. The implementation might still be imperfect, though.

Internet December 13, 2018

Facebook Putting Ads In Search Results, Marketplace

Facebook needs another revenue stream to maintain its growth as much as possible. As such, ads on search results and Marketplace might be standard going forward.

Internet December 12, 2018

Dark Mode For Google Chrome Coming Soon To macOS Mojave

Goods news, macOS Mojave users: Dark Mode might soon arrive on Chrome. The feature just passed the review process on Chromium, signaling an inevitable arrival.

Internet December 10, 2018

Hulu And AT&T Want To Play Ads When You Pause Videos

Hulu and AT&T are cooking up something that might disrupt the entire advertising industry, at least in the context of video streaming. They’re called pause ads, and they’re pretty much self-explanatory.

Internet December 5, 2018

Starbucks Will Block Porn On In-Store Wi-Fi Starting Next Year

No more watching porn while using Starbucks’ Wi-Fi, the company has confirmed. Starting next year, a content filter will prevent anyone from accessing pornographic material while connected to the coffee chain’s network.

Internet November 30, 2018

YouTube Stories Rolling Out To More Creators: How Is It Different From Instagram, Facebook?

More creators will be able to use YouTube Stories moving forward. Pretty soon, users with 10,000 or more subscribers will be able to take advantage of YouTube’s own take on the popular Stories format.

Internet November 30, 2018

Google Reportedly Bringing Project Fi To Samsung, OnePlus, And iPhones: Report

Good news, Project Fi fans: expect Project Fi to support more phones going forward. Google is apparently adding Samsung, OnePlus, and Apple to the list of Fi-capable handsets.

Internet November 28, 2018

YouTube Originals To Be Free With Ads Starting Next Year, No Need For YouTube Premium

YouTube wants more people to watch its original content, which is why it’s going to make them available to stream for free starting next year. Expect ads, of course.

Internet November 28, 2018

Say Goodbye To Those Pesky YouTube Annotations For Good

YouTube is going to clear out all existing annotations for good. They never really worked that well on mobile, so the news doesn’t come as a surprise.

Internet November 27, 2018

Old Facebook Messages Resurface, Making Everyone Cringe. Facebook Confirms A Fix Is Coming

It seems a bug is causing old messages to reappear as new ones on Facebook. Facebook has acknowledged the issue and says it’s working to fix it.

Internet November 26, 2018

Facebook, Instagram Are Down And The Internet Goes Crazy

Facebook and Instagram experienced outages Tuesday morning, bringing internet to a grinding halt.

Internet November 20, 2018

New ‘Unsend’ Feature On Facebook Will Finally Let You Delete Messages — Here’s The Catch

Facebook users might finally be allowed to unsend messages. The company is apparently close to rolling the feature out, per the latest release notes of Messenger for iOS.

Internet November 8, 2018

Prepaid Unlimited Plan From Verizon Is Now Cheaper, But There’s A Catch

Verizon just updated the pricing of its unlimited plans. Users can now pay just $70 for the plan, with an extra $5 discount if they set up autopay.

Internet November 7, 2018

Study: European Commission launches online tool to measure how well Europe and Asia are connected

Study: European Commission launches online tool to measure how well Europe and Asia are connected

Internet October 19, 2018

YouTube Back Online After Outage Makes Internet Freak Out

YouTube services went dark late Tuesday night for at least an hour stirring a buzz on the web. This has prompted the Philadelphia Police Department to send out some very hilarious tweets.

Internet October 18, 2018

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