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WhatsApp is reportedly creating working on a feature that will be released on iOS devices. It will help users who do not want to listen to long audio messages on the platform.

WhatsApp Message Transcription

According to WABetaInfo, the social media platform is working on a new feature that will appear on the user's device upon update. This means that both WhatsApp and Facebook won't be able to access your messages.

The decision to keep the feature on the user's device came after WhatsApp suffered a boycott in January due to privacy reasons.

WhatsApp also assures that no moderators will read your transcribed messages. 

The user's voice messages will help Apple improve its speech recognition technology, and the feature is optional. Only those who are comfortable getting their message transcribed may use it.

When you use the voice message transcription for the first time, you will receive a notification from the platform. The notification states that the speech data from WhatsApp will be sent to Apple to process the request.

After accepting the app to access your speech data, you will be able to try the transcription service via the new transcript section on the app. You can also jump to different timestamps when needed.

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The result will be saved in the app's database when the message is transcribed for the first time. This is so that you won't have to transcribe it again if you need it for future use.

Since the development of the feature is still ongoing, WhatsApp public beta testers can't try it yet. However, users will be notified once it is available.

WhatsApp for iPad

As the social media platform is making changes and adding features, the public is now waiting to see if the app can be added to iPads, according to NewsBytes.

Facebook is said to be working on multi-device compatibility, and the company hinted that the app would soon be available on the tablet.

According to 9to5Mac, WhatsApp is working on multi-device 2.0. This update will allow users to be able to use an iPad as a new linked device.

iOS devices are not the only ones getting the multi-device capability. Android tablets are also said to be getting the new feature via WhatsApp for Android.

For now, Facebook is gearing up for the launch of the multi-device support, and it is rumored to accommodate four different devices and one smartphone.

In an exclusive interview with TechRadar, a WhatsApp spokesperson said that the feature will allow people to use WhatsApp without having their smartphone connected.

With the multi-device feature, users can be connected to WhatsApp even without their smartphones. It can even be connected even when the smartphone is out of battery.

WhatsApp is currently developing an app version for iPad, and details about it will be released soon.

The app version for iPad will be a native app that works independently from your iPhone. Those testing the beta version of WhatsApp will be able to use it on their iPad in a future update.

Also, the app submitted another update to the TestFlight beta. Version has been forwarded, and the social media platform is redesigning its contact info on iOS to business contacts.

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