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(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) How to Reverse Image Search on Android and iOS | Mobile Tracking

Ever so often, certain images come across online that make the viewers very curious as to where they come from. Learning how to reverse image search on Android and iOS fixes this problem and helps users know where an image would most likely come from.

Google Reverse Image Search

According to the story by Mashable, depending on what type of mobile browser users are using, it might actually not be immediately obvious how to do a simple reverse image search on mobile. The simplest solution that can be done is to download and easily use Google's Chrome browser for Android and iOS.

This particular browser already has a quick and easy built-in method that can be used to carry out a reverse image search. The simple process of reverse image searching on Android and iOS can be done following the steps below.

How to Reverse Image Search on Android and iOS

The Google Search by Image feature can be very useful when trying to carry out a reverse image search. This would allow users to easily look for related images through uploading the image or even the image URL. Reverse image search for scams can be very helpful to spot which news is true and which is not.

On desktop, the process is much simpler and can be done by going onto and simply clicking on the camera icon in the search bar. Users can either paste a URL for an image that they have seen online, upload a certain image from their hard drive, or, even easier, simply drag an image into the search box.

Google Reverse Image Searching on Android or iOS

For those that want to reverse image search on Android or iOS on either a phone or a tablet, users would still need to download the Google Chrome browser for the respective operating systems. The browsers are reportedly free to download on either the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android.

When users are on their phone through the Chrome browsing app and simply find a certain image that they like to look up, all they need to do is simply press and hold the image. In the menu that will appear on the screen once they have clicked the long press, users can simply click on the "Search Google for This Image." Google will then carry out its advanced "Search by Image" functionality.

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Looking for Image Sources Online

For users trying to look for images online, there are also some third-party apps that can be used in order to look for the source of an image. This, of course, still depends on the image since some images can be harder to search for compared to others.

The Google Photos app has been improving image search with the help of some additional features. Although this might not help users find the source of an image, it gives users a better search experience.

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