How to Turn On Google Search Dark Mode Coming Soon | Feature Coming Soon
(Photo : Image from Google) How to Turn On Google Search Dark Mode Coming Soon | Feature Coming Soon

Learn how to turn on Google Search Dark Mode when it comes out. As of the moment, Google is finally working on a feature that a lot of brightness-sensitive users are looking for-introducing the Google Search dark mode.

Google Search Dark Mode

According to the story by Mashable, Google's very own flagship product is actually the latest website that allows users to embrace the darkness that a lot have already started to enjoy. This could, of course, also help reduce eye strain, depending on how users want to look at it.

Google Search is technically the main thing that Google was known for before it actually became an all-encompassing tech albatross. This will let all the users switch to a certain dark theme really soon, according to a post on Google's official support website.

Google Chrome Dark Mode Settings

As of the moment, the classic white search webpage, according to Mashable, has been the door to the rest of the internet for a few decades, and soon, users will be able to choose whether they want to stick to the classics or go dark mode. This is for the desktop only, as of the moment.

Something similar could be achieved by going to the Google settings menu. Click on the "Customize Chrome" pick out a color and theme, and simply change to the dark mode of preference. This is only for the main search page and the browser, but when users search for something, they will then be brought back to the regular classic look.

How to Turn on Google Search Dark Mode

The article by Mashable, however, provides the right process of accessing dark mode. First, click on the settings menu located on the bottom right corner of the official Google homepage or the top right corner of the search results page. Users have to click on Search settings and click on Appearance located on the left part of the sidebar.

It was noted that dark mode has been creeping into maybe every major website or app over the course of a few years. As of the moment, 2019 was actually called "Year of Dark Mode" by Mashable due to companies like Apple embracing the new idea at that time.

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Dark Mode on Google

Google, on the other hand, has not been a stranger to the popular dark mode. Google recently added dark mode to the Google Maps for iOS and is still testing the desktop search version as far as December 2020. There are reportedly a number of benefits of choosing to use dark mode, according to Google.

Although there are possible benefits when starting with fewer bright, white screens, it is also very important to note that, according to Mashable, not everyone vibes with dark mode. As of the moment, however, the Google Search dark mode might not be available for everyone to use. Check out the other hidden Google Chrome features you might want to try out.

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