About To Start Your Small Shipping Station? MUNBYN Could Be Your Answer!
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Almost everyone across the globe now prefers their purchased products shipped right at their doorsteps. They don't want to go mall shopping nor visit their favorite stores since it's still too dangerous to go outdoors because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This setup increased the demand for shipping, opening opportunities for business-minded individuals who practically aim for revenue despite the current economic instability. However, cost-efficiency may become an issue if you use services from giant e-commerce and retailer agencies. Read on to know more options and key points for your growing business.

High Demand Opens Revenue Opportunities

Various shipping companies are now working with giant e-commerce and retailer agencies to bring all the items you need right to your doorstep. These agencies include United Parcel Service of America, Inc., FedEx Corporation, COSCO Ltd.,  APL Pte. Ltd., and many more.

This high demand brought various individuals to try launching their own shipping business because they could earn huge revenues. The already high demand for shipping services further increases since various independent artists also tend to do their own shipping services. It's understandable since hiring the agencies mentioned above is quite expensive to transport paintings, ceramic bowls, and other artsy stuff.

Shipping for Art's Sake

For those who are just beginning their art businesses, it is quite essential to save space for all the gadgets and equipment needed to create art-based items. However, you also need to make some space for the following when starting a shipping business or shipping your products:

  • Printer

  • Tape measure

  • Packaging tape

  • Cushions and fillings

  • Shipping scale

A printer is one of the most important gadgets needed to start your own shipping business or to ship your products. It allows you to make your own label prints so that your customers would remember your company or business name.

However, this device usually takes up too much space. Also, traditional models now lack features needed by a new shipping business or other similar companies.

Meanwhile, advanced printers, such as LED, laser, Dot Matrix, and other models, are quite expensive. That's why it's a good thing that MUNBYN got your back at the onset of your business. If you haven't tried it yet, here are some of the reasons why you need to get your own MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer.

Advantages of Owning a MUNBYN Thermal Printer

MUNBYN's thermal printer or shipping label printer offers a lot of advantages over traditional printers. If you are a new business owner, here are the following benefits you can enjoy:

MUNBYN thermal printer
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Screenshot from MUNBYN official website

  • Energy efficiency, Cost-efficiency. MUNBYN allows you to save the cost of cartridges. It is also more economical compared to traditional printers, allowing you to save more money from your electric bills.

  • Compatibility. MUNBYN printer is compatible or suitable for 4x6 label paper. Aside from this, you can also customize your corporate logo sticker, allowing DIY while meeting the basic needs of your new business.

  • Productivity. When it comes to production, MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer offers 150mm/s printing speed and guaranteed 203 DPI printing pixels.

  • Manageability. New business owners can also have an easy time setting up their new MUNBYN thermal printer since it only requires a one-minute installation process. You can even contact the company for assistance any time of the day, thanks to the company's 24/7 after-sales customer service.

  • Aesthetics. MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer is also aesthetics friendly since it offers enough color options to meet your physical business setup,  complementing its appearance and image.

MUNBYN Thermal Shipping Label Printer's Price and Other Details

As of now, MUNBYN's official website is currently offering its in-demand thermal shipping label printer for only $149.69. This price is lower compared to its original price of $169.99.

MUNBYN thermal printer
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Screenshot from MUNBYN official website

Moreover, you can also save more money if you purchase its colored variants, which currently cost $165.69, a huge price decrease from their recent $189.99 price tag.

Right now, you can choose from green, white, gray, and pink versions of the MUNBYN thermal printer:

MUNBYN thermal printer
(Photo : MUNBYN)

Pink variant

Screenshot from MUNBYN official website

MUNBYN thermal printer
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Green variant

Screenshot from MUNBYN official website

MUNBYN thermal printer
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White variant

Screenshot from MUNBYN official website

Meanwhile, you can also save more money if you purchase it through Amazon. That would be $149.99 for the base model and $169.99 for other variants.

However, you can reduce its price by setting up your own Amazon Rewards Visa Card. Although this is a great deal, you still need to remember that the price would still depend on the coupons and other holiday discounts offered by Amazon.

Lower prices and discounts always sound good, but the ultimate value of the MUNBYN thermal printer comes with the cost-effectiveness brought by its outstanding features that contribute to seamless and effortless productivity for business. Having one is already a steal deal that cuts costs in production without compromising ease of use.

MUNBYN as a Multi-compatible Thermal Printer

When it comes to compatibility, MUNBYN is a multi-compatibility printer that works well with all major shipping and sales platform labeling, such as Etsy and USPS. Aside from these two, MUNBYN also works well with the following among others:

  • eBay

  • Poshmark

  • Shippo

  • Ordoro

  • Endicia Dazzle

  • ShippingEasy

  • Amazon

  • FedEx

  • Shopify

  • Shipwire

  • Shipworks

  • Stockx

  • Xps ship

When it comes to operating systems, you can also use MUNBYN in all macOS systems and Windows devices. However, you need to remember that it still doesn't support the ChromeOS system.

MUNBYN's Productivity Features

This thermal printer can produce 700 sheets without taking a break. However, its automatic pausing feature would shut down the device after printing more than 700 labels so that the machine would not overheat. Aside from the mentioned advantages, you can also enjoy these benefits if you start using MUNBYN:

  • Automatically detect the size and characteristics of your label.

  • Load labels easily.

  • Print high-quality barcodes and shipping labels with 203DPI printing pixels.

  • Print without using any ink.

  • Use with any size thermal label.

  • Work with all thermal shipping labels.

  • Easily carry around with its portable design.

MUNBYN's Other Products

MUNBYN offers other products you might also need to print shipping labels. These include the following:

4*6*500 Direct Thermal Roll/Labels

  • Work with printers

  • Support all websites

  • Suitable to logistics, warehousing, express delivery industry

  • USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL - Amazon, eBay, and PAYPAL approved

4*6*500 Direct Thermal Label/Stack

  • Work with printers

  • Support all websites

  • Suitable to warehousing and supermarket

  • USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL - Amazon, eBay, and PAYPAL approved

MUNBYN Wireless WiFi Dongle

  • Go wireless with a USB printer

  • Support Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome

  • Compatible with Rollo, MUNBYN Label Printer

  • Allow USB label printer to work with your cell phone

  • Make the MUNBYN printer compatible with the Chrome system

MUNBYN Shipping Label holder (Black)

  • Hold labels

  • Support all types of systems and websites

  • Suitable to logistics, warehousing, express delivery industry

  • 2-in-1, able to hold FanFold Stack labels and roll labels

2.25*1.25*1000 Sticker Labels/Roll (4 Colors)

  • Work with printers

  • Support all websites

  • Suitable to warehousing and supermarket

  • 4 color variations for custom use scenarios


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