Rivian R1T electric pickup has now released the world's first production trucks available to the public, soon coming to all those that have preordered the vehicle and awaiting its delivery. Yes, the electric pickup has gone ahead and beat Tesla, GM, Ford, and other production EV cars to release their iteration of the pickup EV. 

Earlier this year, Rivian has been teasing a lot about its test drives and first-look performance videos of the vehicle, driven by the founder and CEO RJ Scaringe. It has always been lined up against Tesla's Cybertruck, which was the first to have revealed its electric pickup to the world, and started the rivalry among the companies. 

Rivian R1T Rolls Out Vehicles

Rivian R1T
(Photo : Rivian Newsroom)

Rivian R1T is a popular name in the electric vehicle world, particularly because it looks like a regular pickup truck, which one could mistake for a fuel-based engine. It did not opt for the futuristic design of Tesla or the SUV look that captured the popular Hummer by General Motors. 

However, Rivian's R1T is electric-bred, and it is intended to debut an electric vehicle for the company. According to Tech Crunch, Rivian's production plant at Normal, Illinois, has released the first electric pickup production mode off its factory, and it would mark the arrival of the EV for the public that would come soon. 

Initially, the target release of the electric pickup would be this September, and it has somehow delivered on it, as it now rolled out its first production model. 

While this is not massive news for some, it indicates that Rivian could soon deliver the electric vehicle to all those that have placed orders or pre-purchased the EV.

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When is the Release or Delivery of R1T Pickups?

Delivery dates are not yet announced by Rivian for the R1T.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that it would be delayed until next year, but it would depend on the status of Rivian and its production. It is known that the world is suffering from a major chip crisis, where GM has made the tough call to close down several factories in the country as it cannot finish its vehicles. 

Furthermore, the plans of the release or delivery of the R1T pickups would be within this year, 2021, so buyers should not have to worry about the arrival of their EV. 

Would it be Available for Order Now?

It is quite noting that the priority for the releases of the factory would be those that have ordered or pre-purchased the electric pickup from Rivian. This means that buyers that would purchase now would either be a part of the preorders and have them at the low priority. 

As mentioned earlier, the world is still suffering from a chip shortage, and this may soon be a problem for Rivian, especially with the significant number of purchases from the people interested in the EV. 

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