Tonal, a brand best known for its strength training machine, is set to offer live exercise classes beginning October 20. The live classes are called Tonal Live. 

Due to the new offering, the home screen and app of Tonal's strength training machine will be redesigned to accommodate the live workouts. 

Tonal Live to Begin Streaming on October 20

Tonal Live, Tonal's live workout classes, is set to begin streaming on October 20.

Tonal is best known for its strength training machine that costs around $2,995 plus a monthly subscription fee, according to a report by The Verge

A press release from Tonal states that it is "a new workout format that brings together the power of personalized strength training with an engaging studio experience that fosters community among members with new social features and real-time coaching."

Tonal already offers workout videos, but they are pre-taped sessions. Its current on-demand library houses workout videos that feature strength training, yoga, barre, HIIT, and many more. The upcoming live workouts have been likened by The Verge to the classes offered by Peloton.

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What to Expect From Tonal Live

According to the Tonal press release, these are the features that can be expected from Tonal Live:

  • Redesigned machine home screen and mobile app - the redesigned home screen and mobile app will make it easier for users to discover Tonal Live workouts. It will also feature a library of previous live workouts. 

  • Real-time coaching and interaction - Participants will get pacing cues, feedback, and more from the coaches leading the classes.

  • Social Zone - members of the Tonal Live classes can interact with one another via the Social Zone.

The company has also announced four new coaches for its Tonal Live classes: Coach Brendon, Coach Nikki, Coach Trace, and Coach Woody. 

What is Tonal?

Tonal Strength Training Machine
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Tonal website)

Tonal, a fitness company, founded by Aly Orady, is best known for its home strength training machine that offers a patented digital weight system. According to the Tonal website, this digital weight system "makes thousands of calculations a second to deliver you a smooth weight lifting experience using magnets and electricity."

The home strength machine also has accessories such as a rope, bench, and others that can help enhance your workout. It also has smart accessories that can help you engage with the machine wirelessly. These smart accessories include smart handles and a smart bar. 

Working Out at Home

Companies and brands such as Tonal make it easier for people anywhere to workout and stay fit at home. Exercise machines can get very expensive, so if you do not mind having a do-it-yourself workout, there are also mobile workout apps that you can download straight to your phone. 

Examples of fitness and workout apps available for both iOS and Android include martial arts apps for those who want intense workouts and jump rope apps for those who want to integrate the jump rope to their workouts.

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