Coinovy: The Answer to Every Traders Question
(Photo : Coinovy: The Answer to Every Traders Question)

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is built on four pillars: Blockchain Technology, Crypto Exchanges, Wallets, and Crypto to Fiat service providers. While there are several blockchain-powered platforms, exchanges, and wallets, only few offer the ability to use cryptocurrencies in real-time for daily activities. Also, most of these C2F platforms are restricted by country legislation, limited bank accounts, and hefty transaction fees.

Coinovy has developed a solution to all of the above-mentioned problems in the form of the C2F platform. Coinovy is the next-gen crypto to fiat service provider where traders can buy and sell, earn and swap cryptocurrencies in three easy steps within 60 seconds. Coinovy caters to the global traders and offers simple, quick, and secure crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto transactions. 

Coinovy was founded by Sai Tej Annareddy with an aim to simplify fintech and crypto to fiat transactions. The platform envisions bringing bank-like features to the users without bank accounts and gives the users power to move their digital assets using traditional methods powered by crypto security and efficiency.

Coinovy Features

Coinovy brings on 10 key features that targets the underlying issues faced by traders that make it an ideal platform for traders to move their crypto assets freely and simultaneously utilize them for day-to-day transactions. 

Coinovy caters to the requirements of an industry of over 270 Million users and introduces them to easy use of crypto assets for daily transactions. In the present situation, crypto users face difficulties in using cryptocurrencies for shopping, purchasing groceries and other daily activities because of the newness of the industry. 

However, Coinovy is eradicating these issues by offering a comprehensive suite of features such as: 

Crypto Wallet

Users can store their crypto assets safely in Coinovy's wallet, which is insured by BitGo against any cyber hacks or thefts. BitGo is an institutional digital asset platform that enables Coinovy to navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrencies using a connected, compliant, and secure suite of solutions.

Coinovy Visa Card

Coinovy offers VISA cards that are available virtually or in plastic according to the users' requirements. These debit VISA cards are usable across all VISA-enabled stores and merchants. Moreover, cardholders can use the VISA card to withdraw cash through VISA-enabled ATMs. Coinovy offers three VISA card memberships, Basic, Premium, and Business, with varying free fees, credits, spending, and withdrawal limit. 

Built-in Exchange

Coinovy offers a built-in exchange that allows swapping of cryptocurrencies with other currencies and withdrawing the traded digital assets into any bank account.

Crypto Shop

Coinovy has a mobile app that enables users to purchase crypto assets directly using fiat payment methods. 


On registering with Coinovy, users will receive a free International Bank Account Number that allows users to deposit and transfer funds or make payments with ease. 


Coinovy users can use their crypto assets as collateral  to get a loan up to $5000 with a minimal 1% interest rate. 


Coinovy has pioneered a feature where users can exchange their tokens by listing them on Coinovy and rest easy because of Bitgo insurance and avail features such as Coinovy's Debit Card. This feature helps new crypto companies to list their tokens on Coinovy and help their token holders to liquidate and use their services.  

Crypto Bridge

Coinovy has developed a multi-purpose bridge that allows trading of digital assets and data between two different blockchains easily. Coinovy bridges Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks to enable value flow between two blockchains. 

The crypto bridge by Coinovy will help traders seamlessly shift between these two blockchains and leverage their unique features such as cheaper and faster transactions for BSC and better connectivity for Ethereum. 


Coinovy uses an AI algorithm to predict cryptocurrencies' trends to assist users in making trading decisions. Predictions made using Coinovy are spot-on 90% of the time. Moreover, traders can view the history of predictions to accurately plan their trading decisions. 

Staking and Earn

Staking allows crypto holders who don't like getting directly involved to earn rewards by staking and locking their assets in the system and creating a passive income source. 

These features offer a comprehensive list of services that assists traders while making crypto investments and diversifying portfolios. Coinovy is designed to help users manage their physical and crypto assets in a single place. 

The platform combines all features in a single platform, thus making the lives of traders easier by offering them a one-stop solution to amplify their earnings. Traders no longer have to rely on different platforms for different purposes as Coinovy offers it all. 

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