"ONE Shogun's" ninja and samurai NFTs are set to go on public sale on September 17. A total of 5,000 ninja NFTs and 5,000 samurai NFTs will be part of the collection. 

A $Shogun token on Binance and an NFT game can be expected to be released at the end of the year and next year, respectively. 

'ONE Shogun' Ninja and Samurai NFTs Public Sale

ONE Shogun ninja and samurai NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the ONE Shogun Twitter account)

"ONE Shogun's" ninja and samurai-themed NFT collection are set to go on public sale on September 17 at 2 a.m. UTC. Each NFT can be minted for 0.1 Ethereum (ETH). 

The ninja and samurai NFTs of "ONE Shogun" will join other NFT collections set to be released for minting on Friday, including "Apeships," "Pixel Pumpkins Club," and "Calabasas Kid Club," according to Rarity.

The "ONE Shogun" NFT collection is composed of 5,000 samurai NFTs and 5,000 ninja NFTs. 

"These Ninjas and Samurais indulge in the latest pop culture, have their unique clans, weapons and are armed with new knowledge and technologies," the "ONE Shogun" website reads.  

'ONE Shogun' NFT Game, Token, and More

Based on the sneak preview on the "ONE Shogun" website, new character drops for holders can be expected next month. A $Shogun token will also be launched sometime in November or December. 

If you are a fan of NFT games, you might also want to keep an eye out for the NFT game that "ONE Shogun" will release. The NFT game will be a card-based game and, according to the website, is "a cross between 'Hearthstone' and 'Heroes of Might and Magic.'"

Players who own either a set of ninjas or a set of samurai can get to battle one another in the NFT game. Holders of what are referred to as Origin Ninjas and Samurais will also get rewards such as raffles, giveaways, and access to real-world global events. 

A web-based game portal can be expected this December. A playable demo will be launched in May 2022, followed by the official "ONE Shogun" NFT game launch the month after. 

People-Inspired NFTs

"ONE Shogun" is the newest addition to the list of upcoming NFT games that both gamers and NFT enthusiasts can look forward to. It is also the latest example of digital art NFTs that take inspiration from people or human characters. 

A popular example of this kind of digital art NFTs is "CryptoPunks." "CryptoPunks" have both female and male human NFTs, along with zombie, alien, and ape NFTs. 

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Another example of people-inspired digital art NFTs is "CryptoDads." "CryptoDads," a collection of 10,000 dad-inspired NFTs that went on public sale on September 10, is just the first NFT collection in the family, so to speak. 

This is because "CryptoMoms" NFTs as well as "CryptoTots" NFTs can be expected to be released in the future. 

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