"CryptoDads," a collection of dad-themed NFTs, is set to go on public sale on September 10 after the NFTs went on presale on September 7. 

There will be a total of 10,000 "CryptoDads" NFTs all in all. Four thousand of these NFTs will be available for minting during the public sale. 

The "CryptoMoms" and "CryptoTots" NFT collections will be free to mint for those who own a "CryptoDads" NFT. There will also be a lawn mower racing NFT game that will let "CryptoDads" owners import their NFTs into the game. 

'CryptoDads' NFTs to go on Public Sale on September 10

CryptoDads NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the CryptoDads account)

The "CryptoDads" NFTs are set to go on public sale on September 10 at 5 p.m. EST. Each NFT can be minted for 0.07 ETH. This NFT collection has been generated on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Each NFT is unique from the rest, as is the case with all NFTs. Some of the NFTs in the collection are even considered hyper rare.

According to a tweet posted by the "CryptoDads" Twitter account, there will be over 4,000 NFTs available for public sale. While there are 10,000 NFTs all in the collection, 6,000 of these were made available during the presale. 

Per the "CryptoDads" website, "everyone will be able to mint as many 'CryptoDads' as they choose." However, only five NFTs can be minted per transaction to give everyone a fair chance. 

Pre-launch merchandise has also been made available for those who want to add "CryptoDads" to their wardrobe. There are tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even a onesie for babies available on the website.

'CryptoMoms,' 'CryptoTots,' and a Lawn Mower Racing NFT Game

According to the website, those who own "CryptoDads" NFTs will be able to mint "CryptoMoms" and "CryptoTots" NFTs for free when they are made available. 

There is also a lawn mower racing NFT game in the works. NFT holders will be able to import their "CryptoDads" NFTs to the game and race one another in order to earn $CDAD tokens. As of press time, there is no specific release date made available yet for the lawn mower racing NFT game. 

Aside from gaming partnerships, fans can also expect metaverse integration and airdrops, among other plans the developers have to the NFTs. 

Upcoming NFT Games

"CryptoDads" is the latest addition to the NFT collections with upcoming NFT games that fans can look forward to. 

Another example of an NFT collection that has been released that will have an NFT game in the future is "Sushiverse." The sushi-themed NFTs of "Sushiverse" had a presale event on September 4, with its NFT game currently in the works. 

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Two dog-inspired NFT collections also have upcoming NFT games their holders can look forward to. These are the Dogecoin-inspired "DogeX" NFT collection and the Shiba Inu-inspired "Cyber Shibas" NFTs.

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