Elvie Stride Smart Breast Pump
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Elvie website)

Elvie Stride, a smart breast pump for mothers, has been launched exclusively in the United States by British femtech company Elvie. 

The Elvie Stride is described by the company as an ultra-quiet pump that moves with moms, so they do not have to stay put in one place in order to pump breast milk. As it is a smart device, moms can control the Elvie Stride remotely. 

What makes this smart breast pump is that moms can get it either for free or at a lower cost, thanks to it being covered by insurance. 

Elvie Stride: What is It?

Elvie Slide Smart Breast Pump
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Elvie website)

Elvie Stride  is a smart breast pump from British femtech company Elvie. This smart breast pump has been launched exclusively in the United States. 

If you are a mom or you know someone who is a breastfeeding mom, the Elvie Stride can serve as the perfect gift even if it is not Mother's Day or Christmas just yet.

The Elvie website describes the smart breast pump as an "ultra-quiet, hands-free electric breast pump" that is for mothers who are on the move. The new product will certainly be convenient for all working moms in particular. In 2015, the United Nations (UN) called for better breastfeeding policies for mothers who have to work. 

"Worn under clothing, Elvie stride collects milk in-bra, keeping your hands and body free to move," the website reads. 

As it is a smart device, moms can connect the Elvie Stride to the company's Pump with Elvie app so that they can have a record of their pumping history. They can also control the pump remotely through the Pump with Elvie app.

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Features and What to Expect in Each Elvie Stride Box

Each Elvie Stride box contains the following:

  • 1 Hub

  • 2 Cup Fronts

  • 2 Cup Seals

  • 2 Breast Shields (24mm)

  • 2 Caps

  • 1 Tube Splitter

  • 2 Short Tubes (for the Cups)

  • 1 Long Tube (for the Hub)

  • 1 Clip

  • 1 Cover

  • 2 Valves

  • 1 Charging Cable

  • Instructions for Use

An important feature of the Elvie Stride is that it offers a personalized pumping session as it can save your preferences. Moms can also easily opt for single or double pumping. 

The Elvie Stride is also dishwasher safe and BPA-free. 

Elvie Stride is Covered by Insurance

According to a report by MobiHealthNews, "What sets Elvie Stride apart is the option to get it for free or at a low cost by having it covered by insurance."

Elvie has partnered with the following durable medical equipment (DME) providers that can help mothers get the Elvie Stride:

  • Aeroflow

  • 1 Natural Way

  • Pumping Essentials

  • Acelleron / Gallo Logistics

  • Babys On Broadway

  • Milk Moms

  • Pediatric Products

  • Ashland Breast Pumps

  • Healthy Baby Essentials

  • The Breastfeeding Shop

  • PMSI

  • Chammas LLC (DBA Neb Doctors/Pumps for Mom)

  • Neb Medical

  • Lehan Drugs

  • Neb Doctors

  • A Medical Supply

  • WestSide Medical MilkWorks

  • Milk N Mamas Baby

  • Heart Sail

  • LAB Medical

  • The DME Source 

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