NVIDIA just developed a new AI-powered rendering technique for games, and they're bringing it first to "Elder Scrolls Online."

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The popular Bethesda MMO will be the first-ever game to get official support for NVIDIA's brand-new DLAA, or Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing, reports NME.

Aside from DLAA, "Elder Scrolls Online" will also be getting support for DLSS. But in order to get the option, you will need either an RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series graphics card for it.

NVIDIA seems to be pretty proud of their DLAA software, with creative director Rich Lambert claiming in a Sept. 17 live stream that it would offer "incredible anti-aliasing" options for the "Elder Scrolls" MMO.

Anti-aliasing is a video game graphics option that smooths out the edges of 3D-rendered graphics by taking out jagged lines, or "jaggies," out of the equation.

The result is a much smoother image where individual pixels are almost impossible to spot, especially around the edges of any specific image.

"Elder Scrolls Online" lead graphics designer Alex Tardif excitedly brought the NVIDIA DLAA news to Twitter shortly after the stream, thanking Team Green for the implementation. He also went on to say that DLAA might not be something every game needs, but it makes much more sense when used in "Elder Scrolls Online," reports PC Gamer.

Here is the Twitter thread with Tardif:


According to Tardif, NVIDIA DLAA works well enough with RTX cards because gamers who own them can already run "Elder Scrolls Online" at high FPS anyway. This means that unlike DLSS, DLAA will not be offering a performance boost and will instead be a purely visual upgrade.

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NVIDIA DLAA: How Does It Differ?

Anti-aliasing is a common drawback of rendering 3D images via individual pixels. With DLAA, however, NVIDIA is doing it a little differently this time.

Think of NVIDIA DLAA as simply DLSS without the upscaling part.

DLSS offered a performance bump in supported games by rendering them at a lower resolution, then using AI to artificially upscale it to the monitor's target resolution without any considerable loss in quality compared to native res.

DLSS has helped many gamers run some of the most demanding PC titles, such as "Red Dead Redemption 2," with higher frame rates and maximum graphics settings with not much problem.

But DLAA is only going to focus on the aliasing part, meaning it won't be rendering games at lower resolutions to achieve the desired AA smoothing effect.

The developers of "Elder Scrolls Online" are absolutely fawning over the tech.

Lambert was quoted as saying that NVIDIA's solution brings "absolutely incredible anti-aliasing." He even goes as far as saying that the tech is "unbelievable" and "crazy good," reports WCCFTech.

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There's no word on whether NVIDIA will bring DLAA tech to other games. But perhaps it's only a matter of time. It's likely going to be the same situation with DLSS' initial release on the RTX 2000 series three years ago.

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