Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has leaked ahead of its supposed event, and it would bring a variety of new features for the device which would surely be a massive thing for its future users. The new Surface Pro 8 was said to have a 120Hz of refresh rate that would be applied, alongside the latest Thunderbolt connectivity feature, which is a massive thing for Microsoft. 

The Surface Pro laptops have been a popular lineup from Microsoft, and it focuses on work and leisure, as well as its portability and ease of use. It has been widely compared to the Apple MacBook Air and Pro, especially as it borders on being compact and a device that users can use and travel with and has touch screen capabilities. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Leak

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has leaked its new specs and feature that are massive changes for the device, especially as it is a step higher than its previous offers for its users and fans. Microsoft has not been that focused on computers or devices in the past, but the Surface Pro has helped them get back on the market and provide a new experience for all. 

According to a leaker called "Sam" (@Shadow_leak), Microsoft is planning something massive for the Surface Pro 8, and it would be in the form of the 120Hz refresh rate for its display. Before this, the laptop or tablet only holds 60Hz of refresh rate, meaning its next upgrade would be twice as much as it did before. 

Additionally, it would have a Thunderbolt connectivity with a USB-C, meaning it would have a rapid rate of charging as well as transferring files or connecting other devices via the port. The device would still be at 13 inches, and it would have narrower edges, which somehow resembles modern tablets and smartphones that maximize the touch screen. 

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Microsoft Event September

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
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Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft has already invited people on Wednesday, September 22, 11 AM Eastern Time for its event, which it has no dubs, unlike Apple. Many have speculated that this is the event for the release of the Surface Pro 8, but no other devices or features would be released alongside this event. 

It was also not mentioned here if the unveiling of the new Office 2021 LTSC would also be showcased to the public, but it is also one of the anticipated releases. 

Nevertheless, this strongly suggests that it is a Surface Pro 8 event, something which Microsoft has been planning for a long time now. It is known that the Surface Pro update has also been speculated for Microsoft, but not as much as its other offers. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Release

Microsoft Surface Pro X
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Microsoft Surface Pro X

Now, it remains unknown when the Surface Pro 8 would release as it has not yet been revealed by Microsoft. However, hopes are not yet down for this year, as it can catch up by October, November, or December and be a buzzer-beater device from the Redmond giant. 

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