Earlier this week, Razer unveiled the newest Huntsman V2 gaming keyboard that is made for the next-level gaming experience. The enhanced model comes with a HyperPolling technology, along with an improvement in its optical sensors.

Razer Claims Huntsman V2 as World's Fastest Keyboard

Razer Adds Huntsman V2 Gaming Keyboard in New Lineup; Claims it as World's Fastest Keyboard With 8000Hz Polling Rate
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Meet the world's fastest keyboard right now, the Razer Huntsman V2.

According to a report by Business Wire, Razer has added many upgrades for the latest Huntsman keyboard. Aside from the optical switches, it boasts an 8K HyperPolling technology paired with PBT keycaps.

As an answer to the gamer's demand, Razer also laid out improvements in its acoustics. 

For each click of the pointer, the 2nd-gen optical switches sport an infrared light beam that will activate the switch. That's not a common feature that we usually see in a typical gaming keyboard.

Aside from this, a debounce delay is absent in the Huntsman V2 keyboard. When compared to the mechanical keyboards, this feature is present for a purpose of recognizing the actual keypress.

Razer claimed that it is the fastest keyboard in the world right now. The company has taken its quality to a high level following special customizability with the keys and media dial.

For such capability, you can freely program them depending on your preference. Regardless if you are playing music or controlling a cursor, this customization is possible to do.

When it comes to the dial, there is an RGB center ring that connects to the remaining parts of the keyboard. The Chrome RGB software is the one that is powering it.

Razer Huntsman V2's HyperPolling Technology is Impressive

On top of these amazing features, Razer brags that its Huntsman V2 gaming keyboard relies on its 8000 Hz polling rate, Technosports reported. This is perfect for gamers who do not want delays when it comes to user action.

For someone who casually plays games, the difference that Razer Huntsman V2 makes could be unnoticeable. But for pro gamers who pay attention to every detail in the keyboard, its features are on the top of the chart.

At the moment, you can purchase the Huntsman V2 at $189.99 on Best Buy. You can buy different computer accessories together with it to enhance your overall experience.

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Razer Viper 8K and Keycap Upgrade Kit

Recently, the gaming accessories firm has offered customers a special Keycap Upgrade Kit. If you want to enjoy various color options for your standard mechanical keyboard, go for this set.

The Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set sits at $35. You can choose a black or white keycap set.

After Razer's claim on the HyperPolling-focused Huntsman V2, it has earlier stated that its world's fastest gaming mouse, Razer Viper 8K also featured the same technology.

Among all the gaming mice available in the marketplace, it was considered to have the lowest latency.

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