Smartwatches are worn to monitor different bodily functions and statuses like heartbeat, blood oxygen, activity, and more. It has also elevated it from a casual accessory to a more practical and medical need for some, as it helps in a lot of alerts. 

Blood Pressure is not something smartwatches are capable of, especially as it is a different tech that needs special equipment or straps. However, devices like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit are already looking into the possibility of having it available for their future devices so that it may expand their use and functionality. 

But the question now is that, are modern smartwatches ready for this feature in the present?

Are Smartwatches Ready for Blood Pressure Monitoring?

Smartwatches to act as Blood Pressure Monitors?
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The feature of a smartwatch is its ability to be an extension of a smartphone, without the need to open one's device for alerts or updates that can be seen through their wearable technology. Blood pressure is one of the morbid illnesses that need addressing, something which a lot of people have contracted over the years. 

According to The Verge, smartwatches are still not yet on the page of debuting blood pressure monitoring tech anytime soon, but it would aim to do so in the future. Currently, research is being done by smartwatch companies like Fitbit, which aims to introduce the feature for its lineup in the future. 

The question is a massive one, especially as people see the massive improvement of smartwatches throughout the years, becoming people's choice for accessories and a healthy wearable in one. In recent times, it has saved lives as it detected a woman that had a "widowmaker" heart attack, who luckily has the wearable. 

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Blood Pressure and Hypertension

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OnePlus Watch update

Blood Pressure and Hypertension are two related things, and it has a lot to do with the health of a person, as they are a "life and death" threat to a person's day-to-day. Blood pumping through the veins and hitting the artery walls is what is called the "blood pressure" and if this goes up a certain degree or level, it becomes hypertension.

According to the CDC, if a heart pumps more pressure than the normal range for a healthy young adult, which is at 120/80mmHg, they are starting to cross over to pre-hypertension or high blood pressure. It needs regulation either with exercise, diet, activity, vices, and medicine. 

It is a chronic disease, and it can affect almost anyone, despite being young and healthy. Moreover, it can also lead to death caused by multiple reasons, including a heart attack, stroke, and other "endgame" reasons.

Smartwatch for Health

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Apple 6 smartwatch COVID-19 detection

Smartwatches are known to monitor heartbeats or health. And with this, people are expecting it to be more advanced to detect certain chronic diseases like heart problems and diabetes. Yes, the detection or monitoring of these is possible, but it would take a lot of time, money, effort, data, and research from manufacturers and experts. 

It is important to stay healthy, and people are advised to regularly check on themselves, and for now, these smartwatches are limited to certain features only, but hope is not yet gone. 

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