Lotus LEVA has been officially revealed by the British car manufacturer, and it aims to bring a new platform that would bring the first generation electric vehicle of the sports car brand. This would be a different approach to electric vehicle architecture, as it would focus more on lightweight and modular design for its upcoming models.

Lotus LEVA

Lotus is coming out of the box, and by box, it is the internal combustion engine or ICEs which are famously known to focus on gas-powered engines and vehicles. The new LEVA or the Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture platform would be the forefront of Lotus's branding regarding sports cars of the future.

Before, Lotus had focused its venture on small but agile and quick vehicles that have been popularized by fan favorite, the Exige, soon followed by the Evora, Emira, and more.

According to CNet's Roadshow, the LEVA platform has been a massive talk before but has its details left out of the public. Now, the company has already shared details about the latest venture, something which the company has given clues on what to expect on future releases of the company.

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What is LEVA

The LEVA would still focus on its race or performance-bred platform, and this is what the public expects of them, being a company known for its agile and fun vehicles.

The focus of the LEVA is to go lightweight, and it does so because it is said that Lotus would have it 37 percent lighter than previous models or comparing it to the ICEs which the company has. The vehicle's platform would focus on 66.4 kilowatts per hour of the battery pack, enough to give it the right juice and power for both range and performance.

The chassis itself would focus on lightweight properties and treatment, something which the company has focused on and used before but is unique to said platform.

Lotus's new platform would resemble a mid-engine vehicle, where the battery packs would be behind the seats, and not something like modern EVs are situated on the floor.

Going Against Tesla, Rimac, Porsche?

Lotus said that its last internal combustion engine would be the Emira sports car, and then it would commit itself to electric mobility, something which most car manufacturers are adopting.

The Evora platform has been brought by the company to the United States, something which was not initially available in the country. Moreover, these cars would soon be phased out, as the British manufacturers are debuting the LEVA platform, which would replace the current models of Lotus, along with its high-performance cars.

Nevertheless, the LEVA would still focus on sports and road cars as it was, giving Tesla RoadsterRimac NeveraPorsche Taycan, and other supercar EVs a new challenger.

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