Spotify Could Take on Apple Podcasts in Number of Users, Analyst Says
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Spotify Could Take on Apple Podcasts in Number of Users, Analyst Says

Spotify could take on Apple Podcasts when it comes to the total number of users, according to a certain analyst. Could the music streaming-oriented company really take on Apple Podcasts itself?

Spotify Podcast Platform

According to the story by 9to5Mac, ever since Spotify officially introduced its very own podcast platform, the Sweden streaming service was able to surpass the popular Apple Podcasts in a number of countries. As of the moment, an analysis made by eMarketer notes that Spotify is now actually getting closer towards globally overtaking Apple Podcasts when it comes to the total number of users.

Back in 2019, yet another research study actually revealed that Spotify already had more podcast listeners compared to Apple in Europe as well as South America. Through time, the number of people that were using Spotify's podcast platform instead of the Apple Podcasts grew significantly worldwide.

Apple Podcasts vs Spotify

Data coming from a brand new analysis made by eMarketer shows that Spotify is now expected to reach a whopping 28.2 million users by the end of 2021. When it comes to comparison, Apple Podcasts should reportedly end the year with 28.0 million users as expected.

Although this is a small difference, it is still significant enough to put Spotify in the first place. Spotify is reportedly still expanding its very own podcast listenership in the United States, while Apple Podcasts has reportedly essentially stagnated. Aside from Apple Podcast, Spotify is also going head to head with Apple Music in the battle of offering the best music streaming service.

Expectations for Spotify and Apple

In fact, Spotify will reportedly surpass Apple narrowly in that particular metric by the end of 2021. The Swedish streaming company will reportedly have 28.2 million monthly podcast listeners compared to Apple's 28.0 million. This is a razor-thin lead that will reportedly widen over the years.

The research reportedly revealed that about 40% of different internet users located in the United States actually listen to podcasts at least one time a month. This number is now expected to increase by 45% by the year 2024.

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Podcast Market Segment

In addition, Apple and Spotify, YouTube, and Google are also reportedly becoming popular platforms for different podcast listeners in the US. With the whole growth of the podcast segment, tech companies have reportedly been investing even more in their podcast platforms. 

These would not only include new features but even exclusive shows as well. Earlier this 2021, Apple had introduced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, which reportedly lets podcast creators be able to offer exclusive content that is paid through subscription.

Even so, a number of users and podcasters have reportedly been complaining regarding Apple Podcasts, especially after Apple had revamped its own app back in April 2021. This, of course, could be one of the reasons why its users have been switching from Apple Podcast to Spotify as well as other platforms.

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