iOS 15 Gets Improved Facial Recognition Features with Anti-Spoofing Technology
(Photo : Image from Apple Website) iOS 15 Gets Improved Facial Recognition Features with Anti-Spoofing Technology

The Apple iOS 15 is now getting a better facial recognition feature to add to its security. Introducing the anti-spoofing technology aimed to help protect users that are using the facial recognition feature on the iPhone X as well as other iPad Pro models.

Apple iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

According to the story by MacRumors, the new Apple iOS 15 as well as iPadOS 15 updates were just released and had added some improved anti-spoofing models for Face ID. This would reportedly improve the total security of facial recognition on the iPhone X as well as the newer models and the iPad Pro models.

Apple's security support documents reveal the updates showing there was a certain Face ID vulnerability that allowed the Face ID iPhone to be unlocked and even authenticated. This would reportedly be through the use of a certain 3D model that could be constructed to look just like the iPhone's owner itself.

Face ID Feature Availability

Apple also notes that this particular issue has already been resolved through certain improvements like the Face ID feature. This new Face ID feature is reportedly available on the iPhone X, the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS (and all of the models), the iPhone 11 (and all of the models), the iPhone 12 (and all of the models), and even the 11-inch iPad Pro as well as the iPad Pro 3rd gen.

There are reportedly quite a lot of other security fixes that were included in the new iOS 15 update. None of the exploits, however, were really listed as being used out in the wild and potentially caused massive harm to users. Learn more about the iOS 15 update and why it might be a good idea for users to upgrade their current iPhone or iPad operating system.

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Neural Engine Issue

There was reportedly an issue along with the Neural Engine that could allow a certain application to execute particular arbitrary code with system privileges. The issue would reportedly be on devices with a Neural Engine, as well as a CoreML bug that could let attackers cause some unexpected application termination or even arbitrary code execution.

Apple has also just recently addressed certain issues with Siri, FontParser, WebKit, Preferences, and even WiFi. The Apple iOS 15 was introduced in the recent WWDC and it came with loads of features, notifications, updates, and more.

For those that are technically not that particularly interested in the feature set that the new iOS 15 is offering, it could still be a good idea for users to upgrade in order to get the whole suite of security fixes that Apple has reportedly deployed. Updates aren't just for additional features but rather to also help address certain issues or other potential threats that the earlier versions of the operating system might have had.

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