iPhones could set an alarm to notify their users when their battery is already fully charged, but it does not come with the Apple device built-in.

#TechTimesLifeHack: How to Set an iPhone Alarm to Know its Fully Charged
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iPhone Fully Charged Battery

It is worth noting that iPhone batteries degrade over time, similar to other smartphones or battery-powered devices.

However, there are a couple of tricks that could help prolong the health of your iPhone battery before it starts losing its charge.

As per Android Authority, smartphone batteries, in general, are not best to be left charging continuously even after it hits 100%.

Doing so could damage the plating of the metallic lithium, and in rare cases, causes an annoying error that often reboots the smartphone.

Not to mention that the high voltage of charging at 100% and the excess heat from the wasted power are also harmful to your iPhone battery health.

Although Apple introduced a safety feature on the iOS 13 that pauses battery charging until 80%, it will still eventually reach 100%.

How to Set an iPhone Alarm to Know When the Battery is Fully Charged

Given that leaving it plugged in when fully charged is damaging to your iPhone, here's how you could set an alarm to notify you when the battery reaches a hundred percent.

As mentioned earlier, setting up the alarm that automatically rings when the battery completes its charge is not built-in on iOS.

Install Battery Full Alert

Instead, a third-party developer made the handy function possible on iPhones, as per iOS Gadget Hacks.

So, here's how to install it on your Apple smartphone.

  • Go to the website of RoutineHub to download the latest version of the Battery Full Alert app.
  • Tap on the Get Shortcut button
  • After the Shortcuts app opens, go to Settings.
  • Then, select Shortcuts.
  • Toggle the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.
  • And tap the Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Set Up the Alarm

Now that the Battery Full Alert shortcut is installed on your iPhone, it is time to set up the alarm.

  • Go back to the Shortcuts app.
  • Select the My Shortcuts section.
  • Then, tap Battery Full Alert.
  • Open the menu and select the Start button.

After which, a prompt asking for the permission of your alarm clock settings will pop up. To make the app work, simply select Allow Access.

And that's it. The new shortcut should start triggering the alarm once the battery is fully charged.

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How to Delete Alarms

However, the annoying thing about the shortcut is that it creates an alarm every time you fully charge your iPhone, but it does not delete on its own.

As such, the Alarm app will be flooded with random alarm settings. But thankfully it leaves the tag Full Battery Alert, so it is still easy to identify and delete.

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