Finding the best power adapters for the Apple iPhone 12 is not as simple as picking the most expensive one you can find. More often than not, the phrase "you get what you pay for" doesn't hold weight. Sometimes, it pays to know about tech specs to know that you are getting a good value for your money. 

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Buying an iPhone 12, after all, is so much different compared to buying old models: you don't even get an actual charger adapter for it!

As such, here is your guide to finding the best power adapters for all iPhone 12 models: the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max included. 

The Best Power Adapters for Long-Time Apple Users 

For people who have had Apple devices for most of their lives, you already have the most compatible charger or power adapter. It's the power brick that Apple includes with their last-gen iPhone 11s, iPads, and Macs, according to GadgetHacks

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These power bricks from Apple come in different configurations, from as low as 18W to as high as 96W. The good thing about them is that you can use your iPhone 12's included Lightning to USB-C cable with them without any hassle. 

But what if you don't have these power bricks already? Then, you have a fair amount of both first-party and third-party options. 

Best Power Adapters (First-Party) 

Going first-party when shopping for the best power adapters is the safest option if you want to ensure compatibility. After all, the time you lose trying to make things work is time you could've used to call your loved ones, entertain yourself, or get some work done. 

Apple MagSafe Charger: If you want a charger that both works and looks good, then the Apple MagSafe charger is your best bet. This charger snaps on and off the back of your iPhone without any hassle, and it even gives you the option of wireless charging if you don't mind having to look for a secure connection. 

It's a relatively fast charger too. According to ConsumerReports, the MagSafe can fill up an iPhone 12 from dead to fully charged in around 2 and a half hours. Furthermore, it can charge the phone to half its capacity in an hour, meaning it's one of the best power adapters to use if you're in a pinch. 

Apple 20W USB-C Adapter: The MagSafe is cool, but it might not be fast enough for folks with very specific charging needs. This is where Apple's 20W USB-C power adapter comes into play.

Unlike the MagSafe, this adapter can fill your phone up to 50% in under 30 minutes, assuming that you use a USB-C cable in the first place. 

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Best Power Adapters (Third-Party) 

Now, onto the non-Apple adapters. There's a wealth of good ones out there, but only a few can really be recommended.

Here are a few: 

Anker PowerPort III Nano: The New York Times' Wirecutter recommends this power brick from Anker for its fast-charging abilities despite its low price and tiny form-factor. The only knock about it is that it only has a single USB-C port, which won't really be a problem if you're only using it for an iPhone 12. Plus, Anker is one of the most trusted third-party brands out there. 

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Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro: If for some reason you have two iPhone 12s that you need to charge as quickly as possible, the Spigen PowerArc 40W is your best bet. It has two USB-C ports that could provide enough juice for your 2 devices, which could be handy if you're on the go. 

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AmazonBasics 30W USB-C Charger: This is perhaps one of the cheapest, high-power-output bricks that you can find. It only costs around $7 more than Apple's comparable charger, and yet it's also powerful enough to charge a laptop. 

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