Best Meditation Apps in 2021 That Will Help You Become Stress-free
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Stressed and worn-out for the whole day? Try these meditation apps that will make you feel relieved after stressful work?

Meditation is an important part of our well-being. We usually do that at times when we are stressed, pressured, or sad. Other people used to meditate to seek inner peace.

This health method has many benefits, including the improvement of attention span, posture, and self-thinking.

Currently, meditation is now easier thanks to technology. Many meditation apps can help you get started with your journey. Here are the top 5 best meditation apps that you should use to improve your lifestyle.

Best Meditation Apps For a Stress-free Life


Calm is the best ideal application to help you with your meditation needs among all meditation apps available. This all-around app will initially grant you a seven-day trial for free.

For a premium subscription, you can pay an annual fee of $70. If you want an ever-lasting membership for Calm, all you need to do is pay $400.

Calm offers a wide range of meditation methods that will soothe your stressed self, as per Zapier. You can also enjoy minute sounds of nature like a drop of water and a hush of wind.


  • Features many meditation exercises
  • Peaceful sound
  • Easy-to-follow guide


  • Subscription is required
  • Not intuitive to user's demands


From the word itself, Buddhify, this meditation app will make you feel how a Buddhist monk meditates during the phase. Your mental health is secured to improve with this guided application.

Buddhify offers a $5 subscription cost before you utilize it. Additionally, you can also choose from its wide range of in-app items.


  • Has more than 200 meditations to choose from
  • User-friendly 
  • Features meditation wheel
  • Timer for unguided meditation


  • Only mobile version is available
  • Needs subscription

Simple Habit

The goal of meditation is to achieve a simple life, and that's how Simple Habit is created. Through this app, you can completely cleanse off before going to sleep.

There are also five-minute meditation practices that will help you improve your overall well-being and self-awareness.

Its subscription costs vary depending on your chosen period.

For monthly users, you can pay $12. If you want a year-round experience with the app, you can subscribe for $90. It also has a lifetime subscription which only costs $300.


  • Five-minute meditation
  • Free-to-use
  • Perfect for bedtime stories
  • Professional guides for beginners


  • Short meditation 
  • Requires subscription before you unlock other features.

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Insight Timer

For those who are looking for high-quality content about meditation for free, Insight Timer has a special place for you. You can access thousands of guides without paying a single cent.

However, if you want to unlock its premium features, you can pay an annual fee of $60 or $10 per month.


  • Offers more than 45,000 meditations for free
  • Free seven-day trial
  • Friendly app for meditators
  • Convenient UI and search filter


  • Too many choices for users
  • Unstable because of glitches
  • Not an intuitive app 

Ten Percent Happier

This meditation app is the best application for beginning meditation learners. Besides its one-week free trial, you can ask the experts if you have questions about meditation.

You can opt for its premium feature for $100 per year.


  • Beginner-friendly meditation app
  • Perfect for lessening stress and having a good night sleep
  • 100 meditation techniques


  • Slightly expensive subscription cost
  • Not recommended for pro meditators

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