iPhone 13 prices vary around the world, not to mention that people's earnings are different depending on where you live.

iPhone 13 Price: How Many Days of Work Do You Need, Depending on Your Country
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BEIJING, CHINA - JULY 17: Chinese customers look at iphones at the official opening of the new Apple Store in the Sanlitun shopping area on July 17, 2020 in Beijing, China.

As such, some folks will have to work more days to afford buying the latest Apple smartphone.

As per 9to5Mac, the next-gen iPhone 13 series still carries the same price as its predecessor, but it still depends on your location.

It is worth noting as well that the iPhone 13 will start shipping tomorrow, Sept. 24, in the United States.

Now that Apple recently launched its latest flagship device, its prices across the globe is now available on the localized websites of the Cupertino giant.

iPhone 13 Price: How Many Days of Work Do You Need

That said, a recent research published by MoneySupermarket showed how many work-days it takes to buy an iPhone around the world.

The research specifically used the iPhone 13 with a 128GB storage for its study. Although the Apple phone cost $799 in the United States, some countries are paying more than $1,000 for the latest device.

In the US, people earning the minimum wage only need to work for 49.5 hours, which is less than seven days.

Most Expensive iPhone 13 Price

People in Brazil unfortunately pay the most for the iPhone 13, which carries a hefty price tag of $1449 in the country.

It is not only more expensive, folks in the said country spend more work hours to be able to afford the latest device from the Cupertino giant.

To be precise, minimum wage employees in Brazil have to spend 690.5 hours of work to reach the hefty price of the iPhone 13, which translates to 86 days of work, or 2.8 months.

Most Work-Day Needed to Afford iPhone 13 Price

However, based on the minimum wage of Brazil, some countries still take longer to afford the Apple device even if it is cheaper.

Both India and the Philippines lag behind Brazil in terms of the number of days needed to be able to cop the latest tech device.

However, the people in the Philippines are required to work more hours than any country in the research to be able to buy an iPhone 13.

Citizens in the Southeast Asian country have to work for 775.3 hours, or in the span of three months based on the minimum wage of the nation. Thus, making it the longest days spent to be able afford the latest smartphone, which is up to 97 days.

Meanwhile, India sits second to the Philippines, requiring 724.2 hours or work.

Cheapest iPhone 13 Price

On the other hand, folks in Hong Kong are lucky to be provided with the cheapest iPhone 13 price, which starts at $874, slightly cheaper in the United States.

What's more, Apple users in Hong Kong only need to work for 7.7 days.

iPhone 13 Price: How Many Days of Work Do You Need, Depending on Your Country
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iPhone 13’s price is cheap for some countries, and expensive for the other half. Here’s how many days of work you need to buy one.

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Least Work-Day Needed

Meanwhile, if you're living in Switzerland, you'll only need to work for 34 hours, which is less than a week of work or 5 days to be exact. But it is to note that the iPhone 13 in the country is also one of the cheapest in the world.

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