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Twitter announced that it enabled the feature that lets users tip creators using bitcoins.

Twitter Allows Bitcoin Tips

Twitter introduced tipping back in May as a test feature. It was an experiment that the company made to help creators earn money while posting on the platform.

The social media company announced that its Tips feature is now available globally. The iOS users will be able to use the feature this week, while Android users will use it in the next couple of weeks, according to The Verge.

Previously, Twitter users could tip with fiat currency using payment services like PayPal's Venmo and Cash app. The company will integrate the bitcoin lighting wallet service so that creators can receive bitcoin tips.

The company will also allow users to easily add their personal bitcoin addresses to send and receive bitcoin tips. Twitter will not take any cut from the money that is sent to creators as tips.

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The integration of bitcoin on Twitter does not come as a surprise because the platform's CEO, Jack Dorsey, is one of the most vocal supporters of the cryptocurrency, according to Reuters. 

In the past few months, the Twitter CEO has tweeted that he wants to try bitcoin mining. He said that he does not think there is "anything more important to work on than bitcoin." He also stated that he hopes bitcoin will "bring world peace."

Also, Twitter announced that it is experimenting with a feature that would allow its users to authenticate their collections of NFT on the platform.

The company did not give more details about the NFT project, but it is another way to support post-digital art creators.

Aside from blockchain, Twitter also talked about its plans to launch a creator fund for users who host Spaces audio rooms as a way to pay them for the events.

In 2020, the company launched Spaces, which is a feature where users can hear and chat with other users in virtual rooms. The company wants the creator fund to incentivize more users to host audio events on the platform.

Twitter's Communities

According to CNBC, Twitter is also working on Communities, an upcoming feature that will allow users to talk about topics with other users who share the same interest.

Users who join the community can tweet to other users in that said community, unlike the traditional way in which all of their followers will see their tweets.

Also, the only users who can reply to community tweets are included in the community. The new feature is similar to Discord servers, Reddit's subreddits, and Facebook Groups.

However, all tweets within Communities will be visible to everyone. This means that users who are not a part of the community will still be able to read, quote, and report the tweets.

The first Communities that were launched are focused on specific topics. The ones that are active now are weather, dogs, skincare, sneakers, and astrology.

Communities will have their own moderators who can invite other users into the groups. For now, the Communities are limited, but they will expand in the next couple of months.

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