The EU Member States claim that Russia is somehow linked to the new Ghostwriter hackers, targeting the European nation.

EU Claims Ghostwriter Hackers are Linked To Russia—Is There a Cold War?
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An engineer from the Israeli company "" uses his expertise in social media commercial analysis to identify networks of fake users during at the group's office in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv on January 23, 2019. - A coalition of Israeli diplomats, programmers and hackers have joined forces to stave off threats -- including from hostile states.

"Some EU Member States have observed malicious cyber activities, collectively designated as Ghostwriter, and associated these with the Russian state," said involved authorities via European Council's latest press release.

They added that these new malicious actors are trying to attack the country's security, integrity, as well as its democratic principles and values.

Aside from these, EU members also believe that the new Ghostwriter criminals could be focusing on the nation's democratic functioning.

EU Discovers New Ghostwriter Hackers

According to CNN World's latest report, the new security threat was identified just days before Europe's parliamentary election in Germany.

EU Claims Ghostwriter Hackers are Linked To Russia—Is There a Cold War?
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BERLIN, GERMANY - DECEMBER 27: A participant looks at lines of code on a laptop on the first day of the 28th Chaos Communication Congress (28C3) - Behind Enemy Lines computer hacker conference on December 27, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The Chaos Computer Club is Europe's biggest network of computer hackers and its annual congress draws up to 3,000 participants.

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Involved authorities explained that the newly discovered malicious activities are unacceptable, especially since German citizens can appoint their new successor, who would replace the stepping down Chancellor Angela Merkel.

On the other hand, EU Member States claim that the new Ghostwriter hackers are targeting members of the government, Parliaments, and the press and civil society.

The new alleged Russian-linked cyberattack is just one of the rising malicious activities across the globe. In other news, cybersecurity experts confirmed that thousands of confidential LimeVPN user data were leaked. On the other hand, Bangkok Airways also suffered from a massive data breach.

Is There a New Cold War?

As of the moment, Russia hasn't commented about the new accusation from the EU Member States. On the other hand, the European nation also did not release any statement if the rising hacking activity is also linked to a new Cold War scenario.

Axelandra Von Nahmen, the Brussels Bureau Chief, posted a screenshot of the European Union's press release on Twitter. In the comment section, a Twitter user said that Cold War is still very active, claiming that it did not end in 1990.

His statement is still unproven. As of the moment, the best thing you can do as a resident is to wait for the EU's further announcements and suggestions about the new Ghostwriter hackers.

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