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Netflix is pushing through its plans of diving into the video game industry. The streaming service is scheduled to launch "Kate: Collateral Damage," a video game inspired by the Netflix original movie "Kate."

Netflix to Launch Video Game on Steam

Ludic Studios developed the video game. It is a time-attack action roguelike connected to "Kate," a movie starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The film follows the story of an assassin who was given 24 hours to find the person who poisoned her to get the antidote.

Since the game is connected to the movie's plot, the time attack approach is easy for players to understand as they take over the main character on her quest, according to The Verge. 

As the game's description on Steam reveals, the player extends the length of each run by killing enemies to slow down the depleting timer and earning stimulant syringes that reset entirely.

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The plot of the movie also comes into play through Ani, Kate's hostage turned companion. The game will also have a neon-lit atmosphere, just like in the film.

Unlike "Akane," the first game Ludic Studios developed for Steam, "Kate: Collateral Damage" will have a 3/4 view.

However, comparing the trailers of the two video games shows that Ludic Studios is an excellent match for Netflix's game.

The video game is scheduled for release on Steam on Oct. 22. The pricing is not listed yet, but some sources say that the game's price is not tied to your Netflix subscription, according to Engadget.

Instead, like the "Eden Unearthed App Lab" included on Oculus VR, this move is a way for the streaming service to market the movie and help it stand out against action movies.

This is a massive deal for the platform and its fans because it is a female-led action movie that can compete with famous action movies like "John Wick."

Netflix's Video Game Project

In an interview with CNBC, Netflix executives talked about the company's goal to enter the video gaming industry.

Netflix will start offering its subscribers access to mobile games for no additional fee. It is a way to add value to the service.

Netflix subscribers in Canada and the United States decreased by 400,000 this year.

The decline in subscribers is a sign that the service may be reaching a saturation point. Adding video games to the content may help attract new subscribers.

Greg Peters, the chief operating officer of Netflix, said that the company is working on delivering great games because they believe they can deliver more entertainment value through them.

However, critics pointed out that Netflix chose video games as its first nonvideo-related business venture because of data and intellectual property. 

The two concepts are core to the company's success as a streaming service. The company has revolutionized streaming by using video data to recommend what a user should watch next and guide them towards the original content.

The value of intellectual property has led to a shift in media distribution worldwide, as companies hold on to their own creations and distribute the contents themselves via their own streaming service instead of selling the content to others.

Netflix is serious about joining the video game industry, and the company even hired an executive.

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