All eyes are on social media platforms and news websites as the United Kingdom is having localized problems with regards to petrol shortage, something which EV drivers are mocking via the internet. Electric vehicles would indeed have no problems when the petrol or diesel would be phased out, something which would happen soon.

England has already put up legislation on their laws that would require homes and offices to have EV chargers, and this is for the aims of the company for electric mobility. This is a massive move, especially as over the other side of the coast, California and other US states are already planning a switch to EVs by 2030 and have a strict rule over it.

UK EV Drivers Mock Petrol Car Owners

UK electric vehicle drivers are bragging on social media for their electricity-powered cars that no longer need the traditional petrol or diesel used by an engine to be converted to energy and used for transportation. According to Metro UK, the mockery has focused on a hashtag that has been popular for the current local crisis known as "#petrolshortage."

People are mocking those who have still relied on petrol cars and have not made the switch to electric vehicles, despite its popularity in the United Kingdom, England, and the European region.

It is known that despite the efforts of the country to push for EVs, there is still a lot that sticks with their petrol cars and is not prioritizing the switch due to budget constraints or preferences.

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Memes and Mockery of EV Drivers to Petrol Users

It has been noted that BBC or the British Broadcasting Channel has deployed a special reporter to deliver the news to the public, and the people have pointed out his appropriation to be a part of the newscast. The reporter's name is "Phil McCann" and his surname was looked like a meme or joke as people queue up in stations bringing their petrol cans for refilling.

Several people are showcasing their electric vehicle, saying that the hour-long queue on petrol stations is enough to charge an EV and go on their way to driving around again.

UK Petrol Shortage: Is It Real?

A lot of people have been saying that there are ample amounts of petrol to last stations and that the shortage is only isolated local cases. Some said that they have enough stocks to last a week, but the panic buying would be the reason for losing the said stocks and running out for everyone to use.

Some Twitter users are saying that the BBC has got it wrong, especially as it is not a national or major crisis, and their information has caused a massive scare among people to panic buy.

Nevertheless, EV drivers are getting the kick out of this as they remain unbothered by all of the happenings for petrol users.

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