CoinSwap - Latest App Update and Roadmap
(Photo : CoinSwap - Latest App Update and Roadmap)

The cryptocurrency universe is an ever-growing space, and every project must adapt to the latest trends and create a roadmap with room to incorporate these trends. CoinSwap is a versatile platform that does not restrict itself to its present functionalities and aims to grow with the industry. 

CoinSwap is a decentralized exchange that offers a suite of products in a decentralized finance environment. Recently, the dApp went through a major update with an aim to bring the best use cases and optimized functionalities for the users. Here's a quick look at features that users can look forward to. 

CoinSwap dApp Upgrade completed

CoinSwap has developed a cognitive dApp that enables users to leverage a variety of features offered by the CoinSwap Space ecosystem and CSS token. Some of the features include AMM/SWAP, Yield Farming, Staking, On-Chain Voting, etc. 

Besides these features, the update will bring even centralized exchange tools to the decentralized exchange. These features include,

  • CoinSwap has integrated with Candlestick Chart powered by TradingView.

  • The dApp will now offer an integrated Transaction Explorer without any third-party integration.

  • The dynamic adjustment charts will view all swap activities live, and also the routing engine will be optimized to create the most effective trading path. 

  • Traders will have more flexibility to analyze the transaction flow to acquire the most accurate data. 

  • CoinSwap's new features fit perfectly with the functionality of SpacePad, a platform for listing and IDOs of new projects. 

  • Even in the beginning, CoinSwap Space will offer advanced transaction analysis, which will be optimized with time.

Clearly, CoinSwap has taken a highly progressive approach to showcase a strong development stage and the real potential that comes from integrating such extensive data processing tools. Apart from these features, CoinSwap Space is also working on Fractalized NFT liquidity providing, multi swap integration, and a cross-chain bridge. 


A detailed and well-executed roadmap can be the difference between the success or failure of a project, and CoinSwap has carefully curated a success-oriented roadmap. 

Trading Tools Integration with Swap V2 (displaying candlesticks on a DEX)


Native token CSS listing on a Top50 Centralized exchange. (Exchange:


MySpace v1 and an NFT character representing a project


NFT fractalization vault and factory v1 (presented on stage as the Platinum sponsor  on 13.10 in @


Metaverse NFT fractalization games and competitions (based on TVL, TX's, volumes, NFT government)

Q4, 2021

Gaming Arena

Q1, 2022

MySpace v2

Q2, 2022

Multichain Implementation

Q3, 2022

Physical NFT gallery with cooperation or/and franchising licence 

Q4, 2022

NFT renting and exhibit base on NFT fractal staking model

Q4, 2022

CoinSwap Space has planned several exciting things for the coming year. Stay tuned to find out more. To learn more about CoinSwap Space, visit

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