Ex-Theranos Lab Director's Credibility is Being Questioned by Elizabeth Homes
(Photo : Image from Commons.Wikipedia.com) Ex-Theranos Lab Director's Credibility is Being Questioned by Elizabeth Homes

In Elizabeth Holmes' trial, Lance Wade, defense attorney, questioned the company's former lab director regarding credibility, asking if Adam Rosendorff was aware of inaccuracies and unreliability. Adam Rosendorff says "No."

Lance Wade Questions Adam Rosendorff

According to the story by CNBC, Wade questioned Adam Rosendorff regarding his knowledge when it came to the inaccurate and unreliable findings of the blood-testing startup known as Theranos. Rosendorff reportedly worked from 2013-2014 at Theranos and testified that he had high hopes for the company.

Wade reportedly asked Rosendorff why he was actually surprised regarding Theranos' secrecy and public relations. The field cross examination reportedly came on the heels of these newly unsealed documents which reportedly revealed notes coming from federal agents that have interviewed two Theranos insiders regarding Holmes' relationship with the company's top executive, who was also her romantic partner, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani.

Investigations Into Holmes and Balwani

A receptionist and administrator at Theranos from 2010 to 2011, Nicole Canas, noted to investigators in 2020 that both Holmes and Balwani worked together as a unit. Theranos was reportedly about what Holmes and Balwani wanted. Theranos has faced lawsuits in the past over its blood tests.

The interview notes showed that interactions between Holmes and Balwani were actually those of equals. Canas reportedly could not recall Holmes and Balwani contradicting one another. A part of Holmes' defense might be to argue that she was actually under Balwani's control.

Unsealed Documents Revelations

This was as revealed in the previous unsealed documents. Holmes could testify that Balwani was actually controlling and manipulating her while Balwani denies the allegations. Interview notes coming from Paige Williams, a former personal assistant working for Holmes from 2015 to 2018, revealed a similar take when it came to their relationship.

The interview noted that Williams did not see any shouting between Balwani and Holmes and that Balwani seemed to have admiration for Holmes. The federal agents even wrote that Williams was not able to see arguments at the residence either.

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William Describes the Residence

It was noted that William describes the residence as "much more relaxed" compared to the office. It was also mentioned that Holmes and Balwani wanted to be able to create a "relaxed and zen" feeling when it came to their house. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos has appeared in court multiple times and even once wore her signature turtleneck.

Williams reportedly recalled Valentine's Day in 2014 where both Balwani and Holmes asked Williams to purchase as well as surprise the other with flowers at the home that they shared. Holmes reportedly asked Williams to purchase a Hermes Apple watch band for Balwani, and Williams noted that Balwani would usually buy Holmes flowers for birthdays and anniversaries.

Both Holmes as well as Balwani are now facing a dozen counts of criminal wire fraud as well as conspiracy. Their very own blood-testing startup called Theranos crashed down in 2018. This was following a certain Wall Street Journal investigation that reportedly exposed the inaccuracy issues when it came to blood-tests as well as some dubious business practices.

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