Microsoft Word is one of those apps you probably use on a daily basis for the past how many years now. Because you use it so often, you probably think you know everything there is to know about how to use it. You might even already be a Microsoft Word expert!

Microsoft Word just might surprise you, though, especially with its long list of tips and tricks that not everyone just might know of. Here are some of the tips, tricks, and everything in between that every Microsoft Word user should know about:

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Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks: Highlighting

One of the things you do most often on Microsoft Word is probably highlighting text. Highlighting is pretty straightforward, but did you know that you can highlight a square field of text or highlight an entire sentence with just one click?

According to an article by PCMag, what you have to do to highlight a square field of text is hold down the Alt key if you're using a Windows device or the Option key if you're using a Mac device. 

Click and drag your mouse to draw a box within the document. Every word inside that box will be highlighted. 

To highlight an entire sentence with just one click, what you have to do is hold down the Ctrl key if you are using a Windows device or the Command key if you are using a Mac device. While holding the key, simply click the start of the sentence to highlight the whole thing. 

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks: Focus Mode

Ever found yourself getting repeatedly distracted by the internet or games or anything else while trying to work on Microsoft Word? Well, the app has a solution to that. 

It's the so-called "Focus" mode and, according to an article by Business Insider, what it does it puts Microsoft Word into full screen mode so you cannot see anything else but the document in front of you. 

All you have to do is to click View and then select Focus from the menu. 

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks: Add a Calculator

Anything math-related is often associated with Microsoft Excel and, of course, your device's own Calculator app. But did you know that you can add a calculator to Microsoft Word too?

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According to the article by PCMag, you first have to add the built-in calculator by clicking on File, then Options, followed by Quick Access Toolbar. After that, select all the commands that appear in the drop-down menu. Look for Calculate, then click Add. Do not forget to click OK to make sure your changes have been made. 

Per PCMag, "You will notice that a small gray circle has been added to the top of your Word document. Now you can type math equations, and if you highlight them, that icon will change color."

To get the answer to your equation, simply click the gray circle icon. 

Other Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

You do not have to look any further than Tech Times for more Microsoft Word tips and tricks that will make using the program even more of a breeze. 

Last year, an article here on Tech Times showed readers how to insert a signature in Microsoft Word. Another article published early this year shared what you have to know about Microsoft Word's predictive text feature

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