Speedy $15 Antigen Rapid Testing Give Results Valid for 24hrs and Can be Used to Fulfil Testing Requirements
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Speedy $15 Antigen Rapid Testing Give Results Valid for 24hrs and Can be Used to Fulfil Testing Requirements

A speedy $15 antigen rapid test could be the solution for individuals to get valid results for 24 hours which can be used to fulfill certain testing requirements. This comes as more and more documents would need COVID-19 testing results as part of their requirements.

$15 Antigen Rapid Test

According to the story by StraitTimes, for $15, individuals can now take what is called an antigen rapid test or ART. This particular rapid test can be taken at any of the 25 different quick testing centers around Singapore after individuals would book an appointment.

For those that want to make appointments, this can be done through going to the official website of the MoH starting October 1, 2021. The test will reportedly be on a certain self-swab basis and can be done while supervised by a certain approved COVID-19 test provider.

Self-Swab Basis

The information regarding the self-swabbed basis and supervision was according to the official Health Promotion Board or HPB. This was noted in a recent statement that was given by the HPB.

As of the moment, aside from testing, vaccination efforts are also being made in order to improve the way that these COVID-19 shots are being implemented. A 3D vaccine patch is currently in development to help cater to those that do not want to get pricked by needles.

Fulfilling Testing Requirements

The results, which are reportedly valid for up to 24 hours, can be used in order to fulfill the different testing requirements like those that are needed for pre-event testing. This can also be used by an unvaccinated person to be able to dine in at a certain food and beverage establishment.

This new self-paid ART is not designed for individuals that suffer from acute respiratory symptoms. For those with acute respiratory systems, they should instead follow the official COVID-19 protocols and choose to visit a primary care clinic in order to get a medical examination and get appropriate care, according to the HPB.

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Swab and Send Home Clinics

They will still reportedly need to take a certain free confirmatory polymerase chain reaction test or more popularly known as the PCR test. On weekends, it was announced that the Swab and Send Home or Sash clinics are closed. Researchers are also aiming to develop an edible vaccine by putting mRNA components from Pfizer and Moderna in plants.

When the Swab and Send Home clinics are closed, people can reportedly get a PCR test at eight different designated regional screening centers as well as three quick test centers. For weekend testing, it is important that those that want to get tests should set them beforehand.

The site is reportedly only available between 6 PM on Fridays and 3 PM on Sundays. This would provide an easier way for individuals to get tested should they need to comply with requirements during the weekends or during different hours.

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